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Friday, October 31, 2008

more on the campain trail


The union guy from IWW came in briefly ... he knows that Corey is involved in the Frank Moore for President campaign from chatting in the store, but also from seeing us at events where they have had booths too. He was saying that he ain't voting Obama, and doesn't want to vote McKinney or Nader either. Corey said he could vote for Frank! A qualified write-in in California. He said he would do that. Corey grabbed him a stuffed platform so that he had the names ... he said, "A voting guide and everything, great!"

KALX was doing a fund drive, and people were arriving to handle the phones ... they thought at first that Corey was one of those ... he could hear Loretta's voice on the air, doing the news, and just hung out on a couch and waited, watching the activity of a radio station. Fun! The girl next to him, waiting to be a phone person, asked what he was there for, and he told her and showed her Frank's platform. She said she liked election day being a paid holiday ...

Soon Loretta was out, and they were looking over Frank's bio that Corey had emailed her, but also brought a copy of ... she was picking out paragraphs she wanted to have on air, and couldn't stop checking them off one after the other! She kept saying, "Oh wow ... oh wow! This is really interesting ... this is great!" And soon they were heading into the recording studio with Chris, an engineer and new DJ at KALX too. Loretta would do a short intro/bio for Frank, and then Corey would continue the bio by reading from "Imagine the Possibilities", and then Loretta would ask why Frank decided to run, and Corey would read from "Finally, A Real Candidate for President", and then she would go into her 6 topics ... equal pay for women and men, getting out of Iraq, roe v. wade, global warming, health care and lowering gas prices ... But the computer filled up about 5 minutes into the recording! Chris had to delete a bunch of files and then they would start again. 5 minutes into what was supposed to be a 10 minute piece, and not out of the bio portion yet, Loretta reconsidered using as much of the bio, so that they could get to the issues ... and it still ended up going 17 minutes! Really really fun, and it felt like it went really well! Loretta and Chris were boweled over by Frank's words and approach ... Loretta said she wished she had more time to give to Frank's campaign, there was so much to talk about .. There were more tidbits that Corey gave off air that they were both fascinated by ... the write-in requirements, what happened in Minnesota, etc. ... Chris got the wave file burning, and headed out with handfuls of materials for Frank, and Corey and Loretta chatted while waiting for the file to burn. Chris had shown Loretta how to burn it to disc after the wav file finished, but she decided she wanted to wait for help doing it, since she really didn't know how to use that computer ... so Corey could get a copy of the interview at another time. She was talking about the late night music show she does on KALX ... saying she really wants to put stuff on that she hasn't heard anywhere else on the radio, to mix it up, to do stuff like she used to hear back east, when she was living in Erie, PA ... DJs would really mix it up a lot more than they do now, not just straight genre shows ... She liked to thrown in poetry, news, her own thoughts, music she hasn't heard much of on the radio ... She was talking about recently discovering The Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron ... Corey said that Frank was available to come on to her show and talk!

Back here, Corey came down for a tape to record the show... And soon the show was starting, Soapbox Derby. It started late because of the pledge drive, so hopefully, the DJ after Loretta wouldn't mind her running long and playing the whole interview she had done with Corey! After a guest talking about Prop. 8, Loretta introduced Frank Moore, and then it just went to music! It didn't play! Alexi called the station, and found out what Corey guessed ... technical difficulties ... too bad there wasn't someone there with more technical knowledge to help her!

We fliered around San Pablo/Gilman/Ashkenaz, and then down to Gilman St. Club, and then made our way around the city in a big circle, hitting all the major intersections and places where people congregate! It was a fun way to flier. At the corner of University and San Pablo, a guy watched us putting up the fliers, and was very curious, reading the poster. We handed him a platform, and he started reading it right away ... Then we postered our way around the street corners of that intersection, and when we came around to the last corner, there he was again waiting for a bus, and he came up to us and said that it is really good! "I like it, it is really good ... Obama won't do those things ... but he [Frank] can't ... it won't, happen now ... it is like ... 'utopia', no?" We said yes, but it could happen! It is possible ...


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