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Friday, May 30, 2008

Kriss for Assembly

hey, kriss! one person actually said he won't vote for me because we have your sign in our yard! something about "those damn dems!" i said i vote for the person, not the party. i said i warned you in depth about running for the assembly...but your sign stays in our yard!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Kriss Worthington wrote:
Kriss for Assembly

Just 3 weeks left! Join us for Super Kriss Weekend!

Thank you for your support!

Dear Friends,

I wanted to take some time to thank you all for your hard work and support over the past few months. You phone calls, door knocks, and all types of assistance have kept our campaign on track for success! Thanks again to the volunteers who have walked precincts with me and to the members of Progressive Democrats of the East Bay for adopting a weekend to volunteer!

As we head into the final three weeks of the election, we will need your continued support to be successful. Next Saturday marks a number of events. Most importantly, we need to report our contributions up to May 17th deadline, and we must show the continued momentum of our grassroots support. If you have not yet donated (or even if you have), consider making a small contribution to add to our growing list of hundreds of contributors:

Next Saturday, we will also be planning for our biggest volunteer mobilization yet, topped off with a BBQ from the Berkeley Firefighters Association, Local 1227 and a neighborhood chat at Nomad Cafe. Please come join me in talking to voters and meeting neighbors and supporters!

As voters begin to realize that there is another election coming up, it is crucial to pass along our message and inform voters of the choices they have in this election (not to mention the potentially devastating impacts of Proposition 98!). Thanks again, and hope to see you soon!


health care

Let me know when you put it up on-line Frank.

Frank Moor wrote:
teri, the show about health care is now up at, among other places. we go in depth!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


we just got the needed elector in indiana!

Lanaia's endorsement for Frank Moore

Long ago, this old world was not in the condition that it is today. Always worrying, today, about which country is going to be first to wipe us off the face of the Earth, or a barrel of oil being over twenty one dollars, causing the consumer, to have to pay outrageous prices for everything. It seems prices keep rising, and our paychecks seem to be diminishing.

Frank Moore, lived and is from a time, in which stuff like this really wasn't an issue. He is from a time, when it was safe to walk out on the streets, not worrying about sexual predators, or innocent civilians being massacred by some sort of nut. A time, when a person could keep some of their paycheck. Frank, is from a time, jobs were plenty, because at that time we didn't have to worry about our jobs being sent over seas, because there the product is cheaper to make.

Frank, is from a time, we didn't have illegals bombarding our country, trying to make this great country theirs. A time when the Viet Nam war came to a conclusion and ended, so war during that time wasn't an issue. A time of freedom, joy, and just happy and privileged to be a part of this great country, our fore fathers made for us. So we their ancestors could be free, every one equal, we could walk the streets with pride and not worry.

Frank is a breath of fresh air. Being new on the scene, he hasn't had the time to be corrupted, by those in Washington, this is why I endorse Frank Moore for president. The breath of fresh air for the twenty first century.

Lanaia Lee

Frank Moore wrote:
i value your vote. but...we always have been a nation of "wetbacks."

I believe we as citizens of the world should have the right of travel/movement. I believe we need immigrates. So I believe in fairly open borders…using our historical relationship with Canada as the model. I would remove racist filters. I would deny entry to those with criminal records. I would seriously beef up the security and inspections at our ports.

All businesses selling their products in the U.S. will have to certify that their products were manufactured in accordance with this country’s labor, wage, environmental, and safety laws ... that they meet or exceed these ... no matter where they were produced. This would curb people’s desire to come to this country for a better life. It would also remove the motivation of the corporations to drain jobs from this country. Businesses would pay non-citizen workers at least the minimum wage which would be tied to the cost of living. Also businesses that employ non-citizens will pay $1 a day per non-citizen worker to help pay for health and educatton costs.

But we need everybody!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

possible presidential elector from Massachusetts

Dear Mr. Moore,
I am a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Is there anything you need for me to do as an elector? I am very willing to help you out on your campaign. The best of luck to you.

Zach Cone

Frank Moore wrote:
first, is a dryly drolly funny can quote me! second, i value your vote! third, i am taking you up on your offer. right now we are trying to get qualified as a write-in candidate in as many as possible of the states that allow write-ins [quite a few shockingly don't allow it] so that votes for me will be counted. will you be one of my electors in mass.? and could you get 11 others to be my electors in mass.? electors are free to vote for anybody (even for moi!) in the general election. but if i won in mass. in the general election, my electors would cast their vote for me in the electoral college.

while we only need 12 Presidential Electors in order to qualify, mass. makes us jump through many strange hoops, making it virtually impossible for me to qualify without the help of somebody in the state.
There are two forms that the Presidential electors will need to fill out:

1) A Write-In Presidential Certificate containing 12 spaces for the names, addresses, and signatures of the 12 electors. So each of the electors must put their name, address and signature on this form. (We can provide this form)

2) 12 Elector Registration Certificates: one of these forms must be physically taken in by each elector to their local voter registrar's office, and must be signed or stamped by the voter registrar certifying that the elector is a registered voter. We can provide these forms. but you may have to have a GOING TO THE VOTER REGISTRAR'S OFFICE PARTY to insure that happens!

Then the 12 Elector Registration Certificates and the 1 Write-In Presidential Certificate with the 12 Electors' info on it should be sent back for us to complete and turn in! Due Date: Friday, September 5. they make it hard on purpose. the mainstream candidates don't have to jump through these hoops!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

box arrived safe and sound

From: Kenyata Sullivan
To: Frank Moore
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 6:49 PM
Subject: box arrived safe and sound

we're good to go!


Frank Moore wrote:
great! how is the petition going?

Kenyatta Sullivan wrote:
I never got the petition - when did you send it?

I'm going to put our artists on the job. we have some 40 visual artists who are showcasing work at WE Fest this year at a series of galleries and venues around downtown, and I'm gonna give them a big rousing speech about how they need to help NC make up for Jesse Helms going after you back in the day. yahoo!

500 signatures should be a piece of cake, shit, that's less than 13 signatures per artist. do you have a Frank Moore For President horizontal logo, 200x50, that we can stick up on the WE Fest site?

here's a picture of my Grandma at Obama's town meeting yesterday, ain't she cute?


Frank Moore wrote:
yep, i emailed you the link to the form and directions on march 31. but no prob. corey is sending it again.

and mikee is working on the logo as we speak!

what an intense babe!

Kenyatta Sullivan wrote:
groovy, my apologies for missing the previous link to the form and directions! no worries though, we're gonna get it done, you betcha. thanks for the resend.


Frank Moore wrote:
great, kenyata! now what we need are people like you in the other states to round up electors. do you know such people? below is a list that corey put together of our target states and what we need.


Here is the list of states in which we will need electors, but just need the
names, or names & addresses ... the electors in these states do not have to
fill out forms, sign anything, etc. I included Kentucky (even though they
require Suzy & Frank to fill out the same form, and $50), and Maine (even
though 2 of the electors have to be from the 2 congressional districts, and
2 at large). At the end are included Tennessee and Virginia, even though
they require the electors to be spread out in the state, but they do not
require the electors to fill out anything or sign anything.

6 electors, names and addresses.

3 electors, and these same electors can actually get Frank on the ballot if
we can meet certain guidelines.

27 electors. Not later than August 29, 2008, the candidate submits a list
containing the names and addresses of 27 persons to serve as electors to the
Department of State.

1 elector is required, name only. You can list up to 11 electors, the
number of electoral votes that Indiana gets, but only 1 is required. This
list will be submitted with Frank's notarized CAN-3 form.

8 electors are required, names and addresses.

4 electors are required, names and addresses. 2 of them must be from 2
different congressional districts, the other 2 can be "at large", meaning
from anywhere in Maine.

17 electors are required, names and addresses.

1 elector is required, name and address. You can list up to 10 electors,
the number of electoral votes that Minnesota gets, but only 1 is required.
This list will be submitted as part of Frank's form.

20 electors are required, names and addresses.

11 electors are required, names and addresses. 9 of the electors have to be
from each of the 9 congressional districts. 2 can be "at large".

13 electors are required, names. 11 of the electors must be one from each
of the 11 congressional districts. 2 can be "at large".

Gogo Pepperboy talks about Frank Moore for the Presidency

Lee Gerstmann wrote:
Hi Frank. Sorry about sending this again but I noticed one important word missing when I typed this so I'm including the word "not" where it needed to be. Anyway, here it is again... By the way, Sven Baker also goes by Garlicfoot:



Gogo Pepperboy talks about Frank Moore for the Presidency:

Sven Baker reports: When I was asked to interview Gogo Pepperboy about his views on Frank Moore for Presidency, I knew why. Others have trouble. I am a good friend of his and cannot see why people are reluctant to approach the guy but that is no concern of mine. Gogo apparently asked someone else – another person attempting an interview – to let him chew the person’s toes. He said he wanted some “fun spice.” However, I am diverting. I should not say Gogo is strange. I do not think so. He is very together. All I am letting on to is a recognition that some people are not able to enjoy the kind of fun he elicits. Anyway, Gogo did not ask to chew on my toes. He never needs to ask. The stuff we did outside of the interview is our private business only. The interview itself is here:

Sven Baker: What do you think of Frank Moore for Presidency?

Gogo Pepperboy: The Presidency is a horrible thing for anyone to want to do. I am completely against the idea of anyone running the country. I’m also against education because knowledge brings restriction. Anyone who reads or incorporates knowledge now has to make decisions based on that knowledge. If you don’t know anything other than freedom, you can act free. Yet, I do see that such stuff as education and equality are hot topics on the list of things for people to want to vote on. Give me a break! I hate that stuff! Everyone is an individual. How the hell can there be equality when no two people are alike? It’s saying that the world is schizophrenic and everyone is each other.

SB: Are you saying some people should have more opportunities than other people?

GP: Hell no!! Everyone should have the same opportunities as anyone else. However, you cannot judge what you want based on what someone else wants. You have to have what you want based on what YOU want. I believe in pure selfishness which means that if I want to be selfish, I have the right to be that way and if someone else wants to take away my selfishness and make me a victim of their petty trivialities, they have the right to do so, also. Everything and nothing is fair. Thus, that’s why the world is based on a “it’s this way”/”it’s not this way” policy. Oftentimes, politicians contradict themselves not because they don’t want to tell the truth but because there are so many different types of people out there that there are so many different types of truths. So, to that extent, even though I am not for the Presidency in any way whatsoever, I choose to have the right to totally disregard my own beliefs and go against them because then I have TOTAL freedom. Total freedom means I can change my mind at whim. So, as my change of mind is coming up, I believe that Frank Moore is the best possible person to guide our country.

SB: What is it about Frank Moore’s campaign that you appreciate?

GP: Right now, I appreciate nothing except chocolate-covered toenails. I like to dress in dog suits and sing. Yet, that’s my choice. Nothing about any campaign pleases me but that’s why I’m pleased. Frank Moore’s ideas are great… but not because of the Presidency bullshit that many people think is so “boss cool” but because the best ideas are not always implemented. I do not believe he will win the Presidency but that’s why I want him to be President. His ideas are better than the crap that is out there nowadays written by situation-comedy writers who put on androgynous dresses mixed with suits and butter and popcorn and throw their vomit ideas to people. I mean, look at the rock stars. They say a lot of hubble-bubble in the concerts and all the teenagers scream and then the next day everyone comes down from their highs and forgets it. The same thing is with the politicians. They say stuff and everyone turns on the television and gets drunk and screams and says “Yeah!” and then the next morning they forget it. That’s why the government fools people. They hypnotize us by saying “We told you this and you believed us” and then we go “We don’t remember” and the politicians say “Sure you don’t because you were high on your dope” and I mean “dope” as in someone being a dope because they rely on the stupid propagandistic textbooks that shape their minds and make them clay. But, Frank Moore has a blog which means that he spends time thinking and writing his own stuff. I like his ideas about corporations being taxed seventy-five percent if they make over five million dollars because I never buy anything new so nothing new should be made. I still wear my stinks socks and I still wear dirt instead of pants and I’m doing fine. You really have to understand where Frank is coming from. Money is something we need. We don’t need it to buy things but we need it to counter-balance the bullshit ideas we have about so-called education. We need to bring about change by having power and money brings power. I’m talking about the kind of power where someone respects you because you show you have money.

SB: But, if you aren’t going to spend the money, how can it be powerful?

GP: It’s a matter of choice. It’s not whether you spend the money or not but it’s about your choices. Nothing I say is completely true. Some of it is knowingly false. But it’s my choice to say what I want that gives me power because, whether I am right or wrong, I cannot trip out about it because I like it. And that’s why education is so important because, even if we learn the wrong information, it’s only wrong depending on your point of view and, since everybody is an individual and there’s no such thing as structured equality in a world that should be anarchic, education ought to be available to whoever needs it. And, since there is a system where we have to force ourselves to surrender to the power that be, we ought to MAKE the powers that be give us what will make our lives easier.

SB: Do you believe that Frank Moore will give what will make our lives easier?

GP: Like I said, he ought not be the President because he’s too good of a guy to have to be subjected to the crap thrown him by his bullshit co-workers but his ideas are great and should be implemented and the only way they can be implemented is if he becomes President. Even though he should not be President, he really ought to be President because no one else is deserving of the job. People need enough money to stay alive and at least a thousand dollars a month will be plenty for people to have enough food and security as well as a little spending money for comfort. Health care should be forever because people are living as long as they are alive. I believe the military budget should be cut by ALL but no one would go for it so his platform for cutting it in half is smart. Public transportation includes not only vehicles but walking so bicycle riding so of course it should be free. Election day should be a paid holiday for no other reason than because I think it should be that way. Hunger and poverty and discrimination are what brainwash people because they don’t have enough food to think and do away with the bullshit ideas that discrimination brings. Of course, there should be an end to something that shouldn’t even exist. America needs rebuilding because time brings change. If we don’t rebuild America, it will crumble to the ground. I believe that alcohol should be sold to adults only because I don’t want any younger-generation goofs to take my booze. I would say more but I’m tired. I don’t always think. I’m potato. Things bunch.

Frank Moore wrote:
mmmmmm....lee....this is great...and contained a core of truth under several layers of surreal satire...forcing people to read/think deep. hence i'll put it on the blog. that's the kind of a president i will be!


Frank Moore wrote:
Capt. Fred, hear that you are coming to the elector party. that means a lot to me!

Capt. Fred wrote:
Dear Frank,
It's my pleasure to do this little thing for your campaign. I've been listening to Obama for a while and had considered giving him my vote (mostly because the republican candidate is so bad), but now I'm convinced that


-captain fred

Frank Moore wrote:
plus we will get a president [me!] who is from the trenches of the people's
media [a.k.a. underground or alternative media]!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Monday, May 26, 2008

in-depth special on the health crisis

Listen to the show here:

Photos here

Friday night I did an in-depth special with dr. richard kerbavaz, my long-time ear doctor and one of my electors, on the health care crisis. We went in detail into what is wrong with the present system [you don’t know the half of it!], what would work, my plan and policies, and the non-plans of the other candidates. Be warned. It is a bit disturbing and contains information that is usually hidden. But it is also hopeful because we clearly laid out how to fix the problems. We’ll quickly put the show up on-line. These in-depth specials exploring/exposing the issues are one of the hallmarks of my campaign.

you just wanted to replace the b.s. that plays nonstop on the major media outlets with this conversation between Kerbavaz and Frank. It was so amazingly clear, simple and straightforward, and inspiring in the sense of what could be. Saddening too in the sense of what is the dominant health care reality now when things could be and have in the past been so different. It was really neat to hear the comparisons of the major candidate's health care plans after Frank and Kerbavaz talked at length about what Frank would do, and what was possible ... Then when you heard what the other candidate's proposed, it all immediately fell flat because we had already heard the way that Frank and Dr. K were talking ... It was scary to think of needing major medical care or having to go to the hospital in the current framework! We really loved hearing Frank and Dr. K talk about what could be ... local community healthcare, the Rockridge model, rating doctors, doctors on salaries, the way that Frank's other platforms about patents and royalties would have a profound effect on removing greed from the health care system, and what that would do ...

Kerbavaz arrived and we showed him the garden and soon the show started, wow! So much packed into the show, so many important things about the state of the health care system from a man from the inside and what Frank would deliver in his campaign, taking care of the people!! Some of it was hard to hear, about your general practitioner not being involved in hospital patient care, how its all about profits and much more but such a good show, very powerful and Kerbavaz open and willing to talk about it all came with his comparison sheet about the different candidates and their stand on health care which was alarming and Frank responded with what he stands for!

More press - check this video interview out:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Craigslist political forum thread - Delaware

Craigslist political forum thread - Delaware

AP Poll: Clinton leads McCain by 9 points <> 04/28/08 22:24 link
: . . mostly influenced by media coverage <> 04/28/08 22:25
: . . : . . Obama or Clinton <> 04/28/08 22:26
: . . : . . : . . Obama or Frank Moore for me. <> 04/28/08 22:33

AP Poll: Clinton leads McCain by 9 points <> 04/28 22:24:34

Bad news in Grumpa-land. Rush's "Operation Chaos" seems to have backfired.

WASHINGTON - Hillary Rodham Clinton now leads John McCain by 9 points in a head-to-head presidential matchup, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll that bolsters her argument that she is more electable than Democratic rival Barack Obama. Obama and Republican McCain are running about even.

Added Steve Lombardo, a GOP pollster: "This just reinforces the sentiment that a lot of Republican strategists are having right now — that Clinton might actually be the more formidable fall candidate for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that Obama can't seem to get his footing back."


mostly influenced by media coverage <> 04/28 22:25:50

now Obama is in the center of fire, no surprise Hillary rises up


Obama or Clinton <> 04/28 22:26:30

Just not McCain.


Obama or Frank Moore for me. <> 04/28 22:33:19

it was nice of Frank to give us such a convenient protest vote option.

he'd be well-served to change his picture on his home page, however...

Frank Moore wrote:
i value your vote! what state do you live in? i need electors!

but unfortunately i can't/won't do anything about my face. so you will be stuck with a sexy president!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Campaign hits the Green Apple Festival

Friday, May 16, 2008

Our day at People's Park

Yesterday our Summer of Festivals of our presidential campaign continued when I spoke at People's Park 39th Anniversary Event in Berkeley, California. Actually I gave my speech two times on different stages. I dubbed the day FROM PEOPLE’S PARK TO THE WHITE HOUSE! I’m having so much fun meeting and talking to people! A lot of people seem to understand finally that the myth of THROWING AWAY YOUR VOTE is a con job keeping us in the limiting boxes of status quo. They are starting to get if you vote for someone who you know shares and is committed to your dreams and interests, it isn’t throwing your vote away…no matter how small the odds of winnings…because each such vote inches things in the right direction!

In freedom,
Frank Moore

Got up and got all ready for the big day, the festival at People's Park, and soon headed down. We got ready for our first meal packing up to head out! Corey and Alexi had been the first ones to arrive at the park to set up our booth and they said that slowly others arrived. You could see our decorated booth all the way down the street with the little tassels on the top of our booth, inviting everyone in, all decorated in red, white and blue. We found parking easily and the day was beautiful, hot!!! It was a laid back event with a few booths and later a tent set up to give people food but not really vendors, just people giving out information about various things. The park is beautiful with lots of areas for people to hang out under the trees and some areas that have been gardened with flowers! There were three stages set up, the main stage, the poetry stage and a small one at the end of the park. We hung out under our umbrella in our comfy chairs handing out platforms and talking to all the people who came by. And a lot of people gave donations, we were amazed!!!! They took bumper stickers, and buttons and some put them on right away. We had our video running about the platforms and we video taped people’s responses as they came up to the booth. It was a really fun day. We found our coffee right down the street at Pete's and asked for it nice and strong and that is where we also found our bathroom for the day which we were really happy to have. We checked in with the guy at the main stage about what time Frank would go on for his speech and he didn't have him on the list but he would squeeze us in about 4:00, great we had time to go to the bathroom, off we went and then Corey came and told us that we were supposed to be at the little stage at the end of the park right now!! We finished our business and got a really yummy iced tea and then headed back to the little stage in the woods where some musicians were finishing up their set and the mc of that stage did a little stand up comedy. Then we were up! Frank and Linda got up to read Frank's presidential speech dressed in our presidential gear, presidential t-shirts and Linda in a red, white and blue cowboy hat and Frank vocalized with a big grin on his face. Corey video taped it and Mikee took pictures! The speech really drew people in and you could feel that they were really listening and then they finished with one of Frank’s poem. You could feel things change as people really stopped and listened and took everything in. At the end of it the MC said that he was still going to vote for Obama! Frank said Is Obama Here? And he said no! So later he came by our booth and said that he had changed his mind and he would be voting for Frank! I passed out platforms to everyone during the speech and everyone all day was happy to get them. After that speech it was time for us to go on the other stage so we thought we would just go over there and ask when we were up then we could get on both stages. We followed a guy who played the harmonica and there was a big crowd. We read the speech again and again everyone really listened and took the platforms and you could feel things changing. Frank started with “from People's Park to the White House”!!! After the speech we were ready for a snack so Corey and Alexi went off to get us some pizza at Blondies where they had whole wheat crust and organic veggies and it was really good, after that our snack continued with popcorn. Walter Funk came by and he was gathering signatures for various ballet issues. The event was winding down and a marching band made up of a bunch of different musicians was going around the park. We started to break down our booth and then called in our order for dinner at T-Rex BBQ. What a fun day, what an amazing day, what an amazing life! It was so fun to go to the festivals!!

We slid right into a space near where we would be setting up the Frank Moore for President tent, and Alexi headed down to Peet's for a couple mochas while Corey started unloading onto the wet grass ... we had brought a big piece of plastic to load onto for this purpose. It was us and the People's Park regulars ... a couple guys playing catch with a football ... very peaceful, and fun setting up. We could feel people watching us ... what were these guys doing ...? And then when the banner went up, you heard, "Frank Moore for President!"

The Code Pink women were next to arrive, and then the park slowly started filling up. A beautiful day. The tent went together nicely! When Paul Goettlich stopped by early on, as we were just putting the finishing touches on it, he said that it looked very presidential.

There were some people who stopped by before you arrived, curious, checking out the platform, wondering who was this Frank Moore? The girl next door, the local energy one, was interested ... but why the photo?? It was funny that some people just loved the missing tooth FM4Prez photo, and it put others through changes!

And then the candidate arrived, and the fun level kicked up many notches! It was a day of many great moments, many funny moments, and a lot of them caught on video! A great idea to have the video set up there to catch the reactions of people to Frank's campaign. And the fact that there were so many donations was amazing ... how Frank always says that poorer people are more generous ... it was heartwarming to see that, and it really felt like it came from the heart. There was a lot of that feeling of people really feeling Frank, and really allowing themselves to feel what a Frank Moore kind of president would be, how things could be ... which was very powerful. And it was really neat what Frank said to one guy, and repeated it to someone else later ... on the subject of "wasting your vote" ... that he could think of his vote for Frank as a "spell" that inches things closer to what we really want. Very powerful.

Both of Frank's speeches were amazing, kicked off with great statements with Frank ... back on the small stage in the trees, introduced by the guy Corey who had closed his "comedy" routine with something about his not being gay, and introducing Frank with a reference to the fact that Frank probably wasn't gay either, Frank said: "I am bi. How many candidates would say that?!" It was amazing how Frank's speech and the poem afterward created a kind of deep spell, and it felt like everyone there was totally drawn in, listening deeply.

Then, due to the scheduling mix-up, Frank rolled right on down to the main stage for a repeat performance, this time kicking it off with the statement: "From People's Park to the White House!" There were lots of "Right-on"s and "Go Frank!"s from the audience as Linda read his speech ... really great!

Then Alexi gave the update from the booth, where more people had come by, reading Frank's platform, giving small donations ... a young guy who loved the "election day will be a paid holiday" platform, recognizing how it would get many more people to vote!

Then we made the pizza run to Blondies ... Corey was telling Alexi about Frank's two speeches as we weaved our way down Telegraph. Yummy pizza!

Walter Funk was there when we returned ... and then there were more folks stopping by, responding to Frank's platform ... and then the rag tag marching band ... and soon the day was ending ... what a fun day! It was great that Corey came by as we were breaking down the tent to tell Frank that he had decided he was voting for Frank! He had followed up Frank's speech on the small stage with the statement, "Well, I'm voting for Obama." And Frank had asked, "Is Obama here?" Obviously he had thought about that ... no, Obama was not there, but Frank was ... it meant something to him!

Breaking down the tent together was fun, and then you were off to pick up T-Rex BBQ, and we finished breaking stuff down, and loaded up the truck, and headed home ... just a patch of grass where the Frank Moore experience had been just a half hour ago ... that was always a trip ...

Dorothy Jesse Beagle:
Sunday I witnessed many events at People's Park, the Park being an important part of my life, I listened again to my audio tape from it's beginning, when the huge fence had been built of wood, and a sign hung, saying PEOPLE'S PARK, and thousand of people from all walks of life, amilies with children, those from the Freedom and Speech Party such as Attorney David Axelrod (we planted an Ash tree ceremoniously, together in recent years), as most know, the Park was founded bv members of the Freedom and Speech Party, and Telegraph Avenue regulars have for years headed the wonderful upkeep, plantings and care of the paark, working for years there. After the thousands prepared the plantings, each tree having a 'reason' to be chosen for the park, after this amazing site of transformation of the mud-filled holes that had existed in the UC property lot behind the MED Cafe for years, it was a PARK THAT SOON BECAME famous to other countries, resulting in students arriving at UcBerkeley asking"can you show me the way the the FREE SPEECH Park, People's Park! I have had this asked of me
by a number of foreign students. But listening to my tape of the day the cops came in full gear to clear the park of people, one person watching from across the street on a roof was shot dead apparently by police. The first sounds on the tape are people determined to 'stay as a 'last stand' on the Park grass, awaiting the assault by police and finally a voice saying "the police
have assembled in full riot gear, in a nearby garage." one voice says, "I will not leave the park" Volatile sounds as the police arrivem their hauling off of persons from the park ---- later the monstrous munching of the UC hired bull-dozer, like a hideous monster, chomps through the entire fence, destroys trees, the sign is gone!!!! Yet, today, after many sacrifices from such citizens as the wonderful David Nadel whom I would see on many, many Sundays, spending all
day to educate the people about the actions of UC Police (they were by then suing David for speaking out as he did) and he had great photographs of the police in action, over the years, and with a volley-ball court at that time installed against wishes of the people on Dwight Way side of the park. David would fasten his giant photo-story on the structure on all sides of the
structure for the court, and he would be available to speak with anyone.

This past Sunday, People’s Park was not represented (for my time spent there) as the usual anniversary has been , I saw few if any of the regular people who have attended People’s Park anniversaries, I didn’t hear the calibre of bands I’ve heard in the past, but it was an opportunity for young bands to appear. Still there were several good booths including the colorful booth for Frank Moore for President. And there was considerable enthusiasm at the Poetry event and the other two stages where Frank’s speech was well received. The Berkeley City’s wishes to make changes in People’s Park, having cut down some trees, threatened more, and proposed various ‘alternatives’ to the existing park, may have affected the over-all attendance this year, the non-appearance of many regulars to the annual festivities. The Park basically during the week is a place still to go for a free meal by Food not Bombs (who were serving this anniversary day), and when I pass by there on my way to errands, it is filled with homeless in their sleeping bags, or sitting and talking. I don’t know the latest on attitude toward homeless sleeping there,
some years back when everyone was ordered out and personal items, what few belongings some homeless own, photographs, a small radio, a sleeping bag were confiscated before people had warning, however in that instance, homeless woman (now has a home) Cinnamon won a
lawsuit with the city on that raid on the homeless. The People’s Park is primarily ‘shelter for the homeless’ and the homeless number grows rapidly, the largest segment by far being the children.

- perhaps Frank as Prez will bring an answer to the citizens of America we call the homeless and those never mentioned the 2 or more million by now in America, of children at starvation level. But that’s only a hint of the year to come. I will join the enthusiasm of European countries who see hope for America in Frank Moore, interviewing him widely, they inspire though they cannot participate in voting, I join their enthusiasm in 'a hope for Amerida' and will cast my vote for Frank Moore.
aka dorothy jesse beagle

Frank Moore wrote:
yep, we willl feed and house everybody...just for starters...just a given!

European Media Covers Write-in Presidential Candidate

thanks, richard, for this great piece on your also thank you for your life work of opening up our elections!

European Media Covers Write-in Presidential Candidate
April 18th, 2008

Major newspapers, magazines, and television stations in Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, France, and Poland, have recently run feature stories about Frank Moore and his campaign for president of the U.S. Moore is an independent candidate who lives in Berkeley, California, and who is attempting to file as a declared write-in presidential candidate in the 35 states that will count write-ins for candidates who file a declaration of write-in candidacy.

Other presidential candidates have filed for write-in status in multiple states in recent past elections, and they have typically not received publicity. Moore is different, because he (1) is already somewhat well-known as a poet, painter and performance artist; and (2) has had cerebral palsy his entire life, so severe that he cannot talk or walk. He communicates by using a laser fastened to a device that he wears on his head. He aims the laser at a chart that shows all the letters of the alphabet, plus the most commonly spoken English words. His wife then verbalizes his message, for the benefit of any audience or any individual who is having a conversation with Moore. See this article.

Moore's presidential campaign is not just to garner publicity for himself; he has a well-developed policy platform.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Richard C Mongler wrote:
Heh, that's not me... Although it should be. I was just thinking of setting up a website similar to that recently, except it would be sort of like a blog focusing on "obscure politics" Although that site is good too. Although...

Your platform is good, it makes sense... However, it is kind of "radical" do you think congress would agree with if you won the election?

Frank Moore wrote:
In reality, as president, I will be able to do a lot to start the process of change. And I will! I get results! I deliver! But realistically, I will be working with a Congress full of people heavily invested in the old power system. I will need you! Writing me in on election day will be just the first step. I will need you to get involved in your local community. I will probably need you to put pressure on Congress—and on the press—to enact our dreams. It may take you coming to Washington DC a few times as you did for civil rights and to stop the Vietnam War. But together we will get this done! If it takes me throwing a giant party on The Mall every three months, then that’s what I’ll do!

8 Responses to “A different kind of presidential campaign”

A different kind of presidential candidate
Oakland Tribune Political Blotter 8.2.07

1. john the Baker Says:
August 3rd, 2007 at 12:02 pm
I could care less for the other canidates but i Care a lot MOORE for FRANK !

2. Frank Moore Says:
August 4th, 2007 at 2:43 am
john, how sweet! i’ll live up to your caring.
in freedom,
frank moore

3. Tom Tearaway Says:
August 5th, 2007 at 12:08 pm
Go Frank, Go!

4. politics.schmolitics Says:
August 6th, 2007 at 3:32 pm
wow, this guy is the most normal candidate so far. scary.

5. Frank Moore Says:
August 6th, 2007 at 10:37 pm
yep…need i say more? i’m the everyday candidate.

6. frank jr. Says:
October 16th, 2007 at 8:46 am
another vote for frank. give ‘em hell………..c’mon frankie!!!!

7. Louise Scott Says:
December 30th, 2007 at 2:26 pm
I’ve known Frank since he was a kid in college. Let me tell you that anyone who can live so successfully, even without a “handicap,” could certainly run this country better than the current politicians.

8. Al Says:
January 2nd, 2008 at 5:21 pm
Bravo! I’m on the Socialist ticket, but you’re slowly gaining on my sensibilities. Good luck!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

summer of festivals

Yesterday (April 20, 2008) we started our summer of taking part in festivals as a part of our presidential campaign. A summer of being outdoors! We had a booth at The Green Apple Festival, a multi-city celebration of Earth Day.


The festival was in a really great area of Golden Gate Park and there were lots of people there, wow! We made a stop at the toilets and were happy to see that there were so many of them. We could see our booth from quite a distance away all decorated up with the banner and the decorations. Corey and Alexi had done a great job of setting it up and decorating. We all had our chairs to sit on with pillows. We settled in and had our beverages. And then it started, the steady stream of people coming up to the booth was constant for the next few hours. We all had on our Frank Moore for President red, white and blue cowboy hats. It was amazing watching everyone be drawn to our booth. If they did not come right up they just looked and looked at us and the banner just taking it in. We gave out lots of platforms and postcards and pins. Many people stood and read the platform. Some people had some questions for Frank. The kids were fun to watch as they took us in and asked things like "What Does he Got," "I got girls" Frank said back! Several people got worked up about the Kansas City Chiefs hat that Frank was wearing of all things! It was really fun to watch people's faces as they saw us and took us in, you could just watch changes happening within people, their minds expanding! They would just look and look and soaked us in, some then smiling with Joy, or saying is this for real? And then going through more changes when we say yes and you can write Frank in on election day. Many people seemed to know who Frank was or had seen us on TV or a past performance or we had been on their radio program. Frank asked one guy who sees us on TV what he thinks of our programs and he says wow, he never knows what is going on but we are usually naked and singing and he never sees anything like it on TV!! Lot's of people took photographs and some shot video of us and there were a couple of short interviews with Frank that were recorded. It was amazing! Amazing that so many people were drawn to the booth and so fun to watch how they would just look and look and soak us in and you could see changes happening with them. We wished we had our video camera with us so we could tape people's reactions! It was really fun! We looked around at some of the other booths briefly but decided not to do any shopping and towards the end we got some really yummy snacks before we hit the road, a pea soup and Caribbean wrap and some spirit water with mint and citrus in it and hibiscus tea. A really good snack. Soon it was over and we started braking down the booth and packing up. We loaded up the car and headed home talking about what a fun day it had been and this was only the beginning of all the festivals we would be doing all summer!!!


Soon we were at Speedway Meadows ... the girl who directed us down into the field said she is a neighbor of ours, so she had seen the Frank Moore for Pres. signs ...

So we drove down onto the field, unpacked the truck, drove the truck back and started setting up! It was a lot of fun, but boy did it seem to take a long time! We realized that last time we had Carl Bryant helping us, and the wind was a factor ... it took some trial and error (stacks of platforms making for the hills!) to figure out how to windproof the booth. But it was a lot of fun, and before we could even finish setting up, people were coming by wanting to find out about Frank, wanting to talk politics!

We were finally finished, and sat down and had some trail mix, eyeing the food booths ... and finally you guys were close! Corey went up to meet you, and then reparked the truck, and the rest is history!

It was amazing to hear the responses of people to Frank running, and the reactions on people's faces just looking at the whole set up, looking up at the banner, looking at us ... the kids looking at Frank ... every sort of reaction in the range from mind-twisted reality-jarring to pure appreciation. So neat that people donated for buttons, and that so many signed up to be electors, most of them knowing what that was about. And it was really neat to hear people say several times that they don't believe the "wasted vote" line ... like Richard said, that it was actually more of a waste of your vote to throw it to one of the major candidates when you don't really want them for a president, and there are others out there who you would feel better about, just to get the lesser of two evils, etc. It was fun that Frank reconnected with people from the past ... the radio show host, the guy who used to book the Chameleon ... a really amazing day all around. And we were saying when we got home that it was kind of sneaky the way that we are getting the Frank Moore for Pres. booth into all these festivals ... could the major candidates have people attend these things? Would they if they could? It would be a great opportunity for any candidate running for office ... and yet we were the only ones there at Green Apple! And like the Zona Verde guy said "they" (the organizers) had a problem with candidates being in the festival, but he was going to try to make it happen for Frank because, "this is great! this is wacky!"

All the food was yummy too, from the garlic fries to the organic pea soup! Breaking the booth down was exponentially easier than putting it up, which was to be expected, and it wasn't too long after you guys left, that Corey was going for the truck, and we were loading up and shipping out ...

Photos of the event can be viewed here.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

p.s. we were listed as the top exhibitors!

Richard Winger wrote:
Thanks for letting me see this! I would have enjoyed being there. My only consolation is that I was getting lots of work done, like digging up evidence to use on Arkansas!

Frank Moore wrote:
yep....i consider one of the most important and concrete effects of my campaign is working with you to pin the states down on their election rules.

another day, more europe!

there is a photo of me on the campaign trail and caption in, the online magazine of the main German TV Station ZDF. Here the link:

the caption reads:

"Frank Moore can neither speak nor walk, he's been handicapped since birth. For the "Just make sense party" he wants to transform America into small villages and establish a $1000 minimum wage. His up to 48-hours lasting ritualistic sex performances made the artist famous in the 90s."

thank you, dietmar, for translating!

Electors Needed by State

well, is what i need to qualify to be a write-in candidate for
president. will you be my electors? will you help me get others to be my
electors? we will be updating this list...last night we found out there are
ways to qualify in il., ak., and maybe more.



10 electors, and each must sign a notarized “nomination paper”, which we will file with Frank’s papers.

55 electors, and each must sign a notarized form, which we will file with Frank’s papers.

9 electors, and each must sign a form and give their address, etc., which we will then file with Frank & Susan’s forms.

7 electors, and each must sign a form, and date it.

3 electors, and these same electors can actually get Frank on the ballot if we can meet certain guidelines

27 electors. Not later than August 29, 2008, the candidate submits a list containing the names and addresses of 27 persons to serve as electors to the Department of State.

1 elector is required, name and address. You can list up to 11 electors, the number of electoral votes that Indiana gets, but only 1 is required. This list will be submitted with Frank’s notarized CAN-3 form.

8 electors are required, names and addresses.

4 electors are required, names and addresses. 2 of them must be from 2 different congressional districts, the other 2 can be “at large”, meaning from anywhere in Maine.

12 electors names are required.

17 electors are required, names and addresses.

1 elector is required, name and address. You can list up to 10 electors, the number of electoral votes that Minnesota gets, but only 1 is required. This list will be submitted as part of Frank’s form.

11 electors are required, and must be from 11 different congressional districts in Missouri, and must sign notarized declaration of intent forms.

1 elector is required, and must fill out a notarized certificate of acceptance form. You can submit the forms for up to 31 electors, but only 1 is required.

500 qualified NC voters’ signatures on a petition by August 4th!

3 electors are required, and must sign notarized forms.

20 electors are required, names and addresses.

11 electors are required, names and addresses. 9 of the electors have to be from each of the 9 congressional districts. 2 can be “at large”.

34 electors are required, and must each must fill out “Consent of Presidential Elector” form, which do not need to be notarized.

13 electors are required, names. 11 of the electors must be one from each of the 11 congressional districts. 2 can be “at large”.

10 electors are required. 8 of the electors must be one from each of the 8 congressional districts. 2 can be “at large”.


From: Richard C Mongler
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2008 12:40 PM
Subject: Wow

Well, I was looking at the US 2008 presidential candidates on wikipedia while ago. And I came across your picture. The disturbing smile, the missing tooth, I knew something was different about you. Then I went to your site, I read your platform... And I must, say, I was impressed. All of your ideas are common sense, why should a government make people suffer because they aren't making as much as the next man? My vote is going to you, however, not enough people know about you and your brilliant ideas. I'm making it my personal mission to spread your word, I don't want to see anybody sitting in that white house but you. Good luck Mr. Moore...

Frank Moore wrote:
hi, richard. glad you like my smile...and my platform! if you are the guy who comes up when one goggles your name, you have a grin yourself! we had to black out my tooth in that photo because it was taken before i lost [sold] my tooth. if you are THE mongler, i see you live in canada. if that is true....i hate to break it to you, but you can't vote in the u.s. i am getting an amazing amount of press coverage in europe...where they can't vote either! but i see that you know how to promote...if you are THE mongler. i need any help that you can give in getting my platform out. like you said, the platform is what gives people hope.

and if you are not THE mongler, i value you vote! what state do you live in? i'm ready to mount a push to get qualified as a write-in candidate in as many states as possible. will you help?

here is a poem i use as a campaign speech....


By Frank Moore
March 12, 2004

Evolution searches out potential
Within every life form,
Within every experiment,
Flowing through change,
Flowing through adaptations
Into new possibilities.

This tide wave
Moves everything,
Shapes everything,
Leaving everything
Which doesn’t find
The ever changing
Potential within its soul
Just didn’t live out
Within the dynamic dance
Of existence.
Failures are the golden steps
Of expanding creation.

But we civilized humans
Have been denied
For most of the blink
Of our history
Most of our potential.
The tide wave
Has been dammed up,
Evolution has been funneled
Down into a narrow,
High pressure laser
Focused for profit and power
Of the hidden few.

Most of our potential
Is locked in,
Locked away,
Locked out,
Locked up.
Locked away in closets,
Locked up in factories
Of meaningless work,
Locked away in warehouses
Of waiting to die…
Death waits
A dull lifetime to come.
Locked outside the margins,
Locked outside on the homeless streets,
Locked inside the suburbs of isolation,
Locked within the walled communities
Of comforting unreasoning fear,
Locked up within well-paid sitcoms,
Locked out toiling in the fields,
Not allowed to eat the food,
Dying in the false famine,
Dying from thirst
In the African dust
Manufactured from bottled demand,
Dying from sickness
Locked away within
The dark other,
Locked in the kitchen
Cooking artificial food
Of bland pretending
Routine not fulfilling
Any need or love,
Locked down in chains
On the sofa,
On the shrink’s couch
absorbing unattainable desires,
Locked in gridlock,
Not coming,
Not going,
Just sitting within
Unmoving isolation,
Listening to the latest muzak
Of loveless loneliness,
All shining and cold,
Locked away
In the passionless bedroom
With the glass ceiling,
Tied down in the bed of hopelessness,
Tied down,
Locked up in the nursing home,
Lifetimes of wisdom
Dismissed and forgotten,
Locked up in padded cells,
Dangerous healing imagination
Being burned up by electric shock,
Burning up the trash that could
Save us all.
Locked up on Death Row,
Within the isolation cells
Lies change.
It will not die,
Even under tortures
Of ten thousand years.
Just lock it up!
Dam it up
With the oily gum
Of dogma!
Manufacture fear and mistrust
Of the other of difference.
Pour the many flavors
Of this poison
Of bigotry
From childhood
In mother milk,
In God’s image,
On the blackboard
Of coloring within the lines…
Lock what’s acceptable,
Within the lines…
Then send these good citizens
Off on crusades of killing
Of the different other,
Of killing off diversity
Which is the curse
Of profitability.
The brew of bigotry
Blinds the eyes
to red is the color
Of all human blood,
Blinds us to
We all are locked in
Locked up,
Locked away
On the plantations
Of slavery,
In the sweatshops
Of suppression,
In the factory farm fields
Of exploitation,
In the occupied territories
Of closing walls,
Of refugee camps
Of wandering Jews,
Of death camps,
Warehouses of all kinds
Filled with waiting-to-die
Living hopes, dreams,
Loves, imaginations,
Cultures of the human spirit
Which do not fit into power,
Wealth, and the controlled reality.

Yep, we all are in there,
Including most of you
Who believe you are
The masters and the guards
In your dank cubbyholes
Of fears and addictions.

And within our cells
We have been digging
Throughout the ages
Underground passages
Linking passions together.
When we reach to touch one another,
The bars melt like butter.
We sing together
In words that the masters
Can’t understand.
We create together,
Dream, imagine together.
We hope and make love
Together behind the dam
In evolution.

The silly mentally retarded girl
Giggles as she runs to hug
An absolute stranger.
This is hope
Of evolution.
The police hose fires
High-pressure profits
Blasting of shortages
Through the dam’s hole…
Business as usual.
But it looks like evolution
Is about to burst through the dam.
Will it destroy all of us?
Who knows!
We always have lived
With Dooms Day
Judgment Day
Around the corner.
Sometimes it came,
Sometimes it didn’t.

But I’m betting
That our underground potential
Will be released in the coming flood
And will expand.

But then
This is written by
A guy
Who was supposed to have died
In one of those death cells!

There’s always hope
Hidden up our sleeves!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Google Alert

Google Blogs Alert for: *Frank+Moore President*

By jeffrey(jeffrey)
The thought of him being *president* is not even a lame joke. It should be a crime to tell "certain" people they could be the next *president*. Check out *Frank Moore's* delusional policies*. *in case you missed it, i don't support franky.
The EID Network Blog -

Frank Moore:
ah, least he is searching...and often laughing leads to thinking!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


Hi Richard (Winger,

i'm thinking of asking the a.c.l.u. to help me sue penn. over this. what do you think? there are states which outright don't allow write-in candidates. i don't think i could take them on because it would get into state rights. the rules in other states are vastly easier for the mainstream candidates to put it mildly! but at least they are the same rules for all the candidates. not so in penn. if they apply the below rule to the major candidates, having an election would not be possible! rules should be for all the candidates. do you think the a.c.l.u. would accept the case?

Has Nader or anybody else taken this to court?

As you know.. In Pennsylvania, there is no procedure that the write-in candidate has to go through ahead of the election, except that the candidate must get 21 PA citizens to be electors, and then educate the Pennsylvania voters as to who these people are! Because any voter who wishes to vote for a write-in candidate for President in PA has to write-in the names of his/her 21 electors (not the candidate's name) and spell them all correctly! The ballot actually has 21 spaces for this purpose. In Freedom, Frank Moore

Richard Winger wrote:
Pennsylvania counted write-ins for Ralph Nader in both November 1996 and November 2004, even though his voters didn't write in a full slate of presidential electors, or even any candidates for presidential electors.

So they are not telling you the truth. Or if they are forcing your voters to do this, but they didn't force Nader voters to do that, they are acting in an unlawful manner.

Several minor parties are about to sue Pennsylvania over 3 election law issues, and one of those issues is that some counties routinely don't count any write-ins at all. That includes Philadelphia County. I hope the case gets filed in 6 days. The attorney has been saying for 2 months now that he is about to file it. He is Sam Stretton.

Frank Moore wrote:
that's really interesting, richard! we have a lot to talk about on the show

corey, ask penn. if voters of ALL candidates have to write in the names of
the electors.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

aktivist magazine interview came out!

my interview just came out in poland in the popular magazine aktivist. it's at,473,tekst.html polish!

presidential election photo project

From: Dustin Fenstermacher
To: Frank Moore
Sent: Friday, April 04, 2008 8:33 AM
Subject: presidential election photo project


I'm a photographer from Philadelphia and was wondering if I could contact someone about help with a photography project. I shall be covering the presidential campaigns that the media is largely ignoring leading up to the Pennsylvania state primary on. I'd like to do photography at any upcoming events and your campaign headquarters in the state. Whom would be the best person to talk to about such a thing?

Thank you for your help!


Dustin Fenstermacher - Photographer
Conshohocken, PA

Frank Moore wrote:
corey, what is the story about penn.? as i recall, it's a no-go state.

Corey wrote:
In Pennsylvania, there is no procedure that the write-in candidate has to go through ahead of the election, except that the candidate must get 21 PA citizens to be electors, and then educate the Pennsylvania voters as to who these people are! Because any voter who wishes to vote for a write-in candidate for President in PA has to write-in the names of his/her 21 electors (not the candidate's name) and spell them all correctly! The ballot actually has 21 spaces for this purpose.

Frank Moore wrote:
hi, dustin. unfortunately i won't be campaigning in penn. one of the reasons for this are the rules in penn. make voting for candidates such as me impossible. In Pennsylvania, there is no procedure that the write-in candidate has to go through ahead of the election, except that the candidate must get 21 PA citizens to be electors, and then educate the Pennsylvania voters as to who these people are! Because any voter who wishes to vote for a write-in candidate for President in PA has to write-in the names of his/her 21 electors (not the candidate's name) and spell them all correctly! The ballot actually has 21 spaces for this purpose.

To: stefan
From: Frank Moore
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 20:35:10 -0700
Subject: Fw: presidential election photo project

hi, stefan. i'm thinking of asking the a.c.l.u. to help me sue penn. over this. what do you think? there are states which outright don't allow write-in candidates. i don't think i could take them on because it would get into state rights. the rules in other states are vastly easier for the mainstream candidates to put it mildly! but at least they are the same rules for all the candidates. not so in penn. if they apply the below rule to the major candidates, having an election would not be possible! rules should be for all the candidates. do you think the a.c.l.u. would accept the case?

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


Back here for lunch at noon, Corey called a bunch of states, confirming information for Nebraska, West Virginia, Utah ... yes, indeed, the aspiring write-in presidential candidate would have to travel to Utah, smack down $500 in the Sec. of State's office, and fill out a form, and then, only then, would it count if someone wrote in their name on the November ballot! When Corey expressed shock to the guy on the phone, all he could say was, "Yeah ... that's just the way they set it up ..." When Corey told Paul about it at work, he wondered if they're just cracking up when they come up with these things ..."How can we make this totally impossible for anyone to do!?"

ah yes...basically the evolution of our political system has been artificially frozen on the present two major political parties by these legal hoops...denying us real change.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

what does tenn. require?

Frank Moore: what does tenn. require?

Blue House: you need to fill out a simple form, that's all.

Frank Moore: no people for electors?

Blue House: No, just a form.

Frank Moore: great!

Blue House: Well, I was wrong! Tennessee requires a simple form that you fill out, but it also requires a list of 11 electors pledged to the candidate. The list has to include electors' names and addresses. 9 of the electors have to be one from each of Tennessee's 9 congressional districts, and 2 can be "at large". The filing window for this information is between August 22 - September 15.

The reason why they don't make all of this information available on their website is because they consider this form of running for president a last resort for independent candidates who do not simply get themselves on the ballot by getting 275 signatures in Tennessee. The signatures can come from anywhere in TN.


Blue House: August 21

There is a process to obtaining the signatures, detailed below:
> "An independent presidential candidate must choose eleven (11) electors
> as outlined below. Each elector shall circulate his own petition to obtain
> the signatures and
> addresses of at least twenty-five (25) registered voters. Unless a
> candidate files eleven (11)
> separate petitions (one for each elector), each of which contains the
> signatures of at least
> twenty-five (25) registered voters, the candidate's name will not appear
> on the ballot. The filing
> deadline for petitions is 12:00 NOON, Central time, on the third Thursday
> in August (August
> 21, 2008). TCA §2-5-101(a). Petitions may be obtained no more than 90 days
> before the
> qualifying deadline date (first date to obtain petition is May 23, 2008).
> Any registered voter of
> the State of Tennessee may sign the nominating petition. However, the
> electors must be
> selected as follows: For each of the nine congressional districts in
> Tennessee, one (1) elector
> will be elected who is a resident of the congressional district. Two (2)
> additional electors will
> be elected who may be residents of any part of the state.
> TCA §§2-15-101 and 2-15-102.
> The original of each petition shall be filed with the State Election
> Commission and a
> certified duplicate with the Coordinator of Elections. Both shall be
> submitted to the following
> address:
> 312 Eighth Avenue North
> 9th Floor, William Snodgrass Tower
> Nashville, Tennessee 37243"

Frank Moore: in other words, tenn. goes into the disinfranchised states category!

hey, kenyata! want a challenge?

to be a write-in candidate in n.c., i need...

An individual seeking to become a write-in candidate for President must file with the SBE a declaration of intent (containing the following: name, residential address, declaration of intent, office sought, date of election, date of declaration, signature) and petition containing the signatures of 500 qualified voters of the State by noon on the 90th day before the general election – Monday, August 4, 2008. Verification by the chairman of the county board of elections shall be completed within two weeks from the date the petitions are presented.


In Freedom,
Frank Moore

From: Kenyata Sullivan
To: Frank Moore
Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 12:32 AM
Subject: Re: hey, kenyata! want a challenge?


you give me a petition I can print out, and I'll get you 500 NC signatures from registered voters just like that, piece of cake.

um.... isn't a "challenge" supposed to be hard?


Frank Moore wrote:
that's what i want to hear! i'll get you the petition soon. now i need the same response from people in other states, d.c., etc. we got n.y. covered.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore