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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Erotic Campaign

Photos, video and text about the September 13, 2008 performance at 8th Street Studio in Berkeley, CA.:

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very sweet video

Frank Moore for President swag

On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 6:44 AM, Linda Mac wrote:

Hi Frank,

Linda here with Frank Moore.
We'd like to send you some of the Frank Moore for President swag!
Where should we mail it to?

Hot Shit!
Linda Mac

Frank Edward Nora wrote:

Awesome!! Here's my address:



Linda Mac wrote:
Hey Frank,

The package of swag went out to you last week!
You should receive it any time now.

Hot shit!
Linda Mac

Frank Edward Nora wrote:

I got the package! I am going to open it live on my show.



Frank Moore wrote:
can't wait to hear that, frank!



At Gerald's, we caught up with Gerald on the end of Frank's campaign. He really enjoyed hearing about everything, especially the victories with the various election departments, the story of Minnesota and Santa Cruz. He said that these were small, but important ... that they would have an effect on things in the future. He got Frank saying that these were only one level of the effect of the campaign ... He really liked the Utah lawyer story ... He told us about what they had done for Nader/Gonzales ... he said that Nader did not do very well this time. Back in 2000, Nader got 9% of the vote. This time it was only 1%. Back then, he ran as a Green, and had a lot of support. This year, half of the Greens voted for Obama, didn't support their own candidate, Cynthia McKinney.

Friday, November 21, 2008

These numbers reveal the true number of awakened peoples in America currently.

Now look at this little tidbit below:


• (money spent/total votes=average spent per vote)

• Barack Obama (D) $638,759,000 / 64,629,649 = $9.88 per vote

• John McCain (R) $360,167,823 / 56,888,006 = $6.33

• Ralph Nader (i) $3,952,772 / 665,663 = $5.93

• Bob Barr (L) est. $1,000,000 / 493,175 = $2.02?

• Cynthia McKinney (G) $118,000 / 144,331 = $0.82

Source: Open Secrets[97]

Susan Block wrote:
These charts only showed a few of the canidates. I heard Ron Paul got 19.5 K & didn't run. Do u know how much frank moore spent on ur campaign? ir would be interesting to calculate.

Frank Moore wrote:
Hi Frank,

About how much did you spend on our campaign? My friend Joe ( ) is calculating costs per vote on the candidates.

We could add about $400 of mine to your expenditure, since I figure I spent about that much in various little things.


Frank Moore wrote:
well, we figure we spent between $1,000 and $2,000 on the campaign over the 2 years. we don't include last year's l.a. trip because that was more a CHEROTIC ALL-STARS trip. we don't yet have a vote count. but it is obvious we spent pennies on their dollars! that is what i always do...make things happen for very little money!

another letter

Sunol Glen
Unified School District
11601 Main Street
Sunol, CA 94586

Dear Mr. Moore,

We are a class of twenty-nine 7th grade students attending public school at Sunol Glen School in Alameda County. Sunol Glen School is an important part of the small, rural, unincorporated community of Sunol. Our one school-site school district educates approximately 234 students in grades Pre-K through 8th grade. Students served come from Sunol, Pleasanton, Fremont, Livermore and beyond to enjoy the quality education offered at our school.

One of the many things that make our school so special is the annual 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. Students who participate learn about U.S. History and government while exploring the Capitol, local monuments, and museums, which brings a deeper understanding of our history. This is an outstanding experience that can not be duplicated in the classroom setting, and will be a cherished lifelong memory.

Students prepare for the trip by working together to raise the money necessary to for all 8th graders to attend. The cost per student is approximately $2,000. Fundraising efforts for our class trip through WorldStrides ( have just begun. Would you consider supporting our fundraising efforts of the class of 2009-2010 with a fully tax-deductible donation? Our school tax id is: 94-2378188. If you have funds available from any remains of your political campaign or have other means to help us, we would greatly appreciate your support in making this trip a reality for each of us.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Sunol Glen School, Graduating Class of 2010

Dear Students,

Your letter moved me. Unfortunately I ran my campaign on virtually no money. So there is no money left in the campaign. But I’m enclosing $10 of my personal money. Have fun in D. C.!

In Freedom,

Frank Moore

more Frank Moore for President links!
"Brian G // Oct 24, 2008 at 8:10 am
I have to give this Frank Moore guy lots of credit. He's listed as a write-in candidate in 25 states. As far as I know he has no party organization backing him up.
Maybe that's the secret nobody to tell him it can't be done."
-- from an article in the Orange County Register - Monday, November 3, 2008
'Finally, there's Frank Moore, who wants free public transportation and - in place of welfare and Social Security - and guaranteed minimum income of $1,000 per person."

"Other sites advocating write-in votes
a.. The People Have Spoken
b.. Vote Write-In
c.. Break The Matrix
d.. Write In Hillary
e.. Frank Moore 08 (linked to:
g.. Write-in 2008 - more technically for candidates
h.. You Can Write-in",_2008,_2008
more Frank Moore for President links on Wikipedia!
"Thomas R 9/21/2008 9:37:49 PM
I wrote in Ben Knighthorse-Campbell last election because I didn't like Kerry and felt like writing in an American Indian. Later I learned unappealing things about him, but hey it's not like he had a shot anyway.
Here are some write-ins who have a campaign.

Joe Schriner - Kind of like a Pro-Life/Anti-Choice version of a Green Party member.
Frank Moore - Disabled performance artist whose erotic work was denounced by Jesse Helms"
The list of Frank's CA electors is here!
"Tuesday November 4th, is election day in the United States. Most of the focus on the mainstream media has been on Obama and McCain, but several third party candidates are also running and there are many local and statewide races and propositions.


Nationally, the Green Party ticket of Cythnia McKinney and Rosa Clemente as well as the independent ticket of Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez are running for President and Vice-President. Frank Moore is also running as a write-in candidate (1 | 2 | 3 )."

it keeps going!

Below is just one of many layers of the influential effects that our campaign is having. But it’s the easiest layer to talk about.


One of the significant achievements of the Frank Moore for President campaign was to research and catalog the requirements for qualifying as a write-in candidate for President in each of the 50 states. See This proved to be a long and sometimes challenging task, and in the process the campaign not only forced several states' elections divisions to clarify and refine their procedures, but in some cases, challenged the legality of elections procedures, and in other cases both challenged and changed those procedures both before and after the election. In states such as Vermont, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Nebraska and others, the campaign had the effect of familiarizing elections officers with their own procedures, which they did not know before the campaign contacted them.

In Arkansas, the campaign challenged the Elections Department's stand that "Write-in candidates are not allowed in presidential, municipal, or primary elections." With the invaluable help of Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, the campaign talked with Tim Humphries, the legal counsel for the Arkansas Secretary of State's office, pointing out that there is no basis in Arkansas election code for a prohibition of write-in candidates for President, and that in fact the state of Arkansas had allowed write-in candidates for President in 1972 and 1976. In the end, this served only as a challenge ... Humphries would not admit that there were significant inconsistencies, and did not even realize that Arkansas was in a very small minority of states that do not allow write-in candidates for President. An article about this challenge is located here:

In Pennsylvania, the campaign got an elections official to admit that Pennsylvania's system is "archaic and not good". He said that there should be some kind of pre-certification of write-in candidates like those that operate in other states, so that the county and state elections boards are all on the same page as to who the write-in candidates are, who to count votes for, etc. He said that if PA were to actually follow their own elections code which states that in order for a write-in vote for president to count, the candidate's 21 presidential electors must be written in (and not the candidate’s name), it could be legally challenged, and the challenger would easily win the case.

In Wyoming, the campaign began correspondence with Kelly Dagostino from the Wyoming Secretary of State's Elections office to find out what a write-in candidate needed to do in Wyoming. As we talked back and forth, she began to realize that what she thought we were asking about was not really it, and that she actually did not know what the procedure was for a write-in candidate for President in Wyoming, a candidate outside of the major parties, without the money it would take to get enough signatures in the state to get on the ballot ... to simply be a write-in candidate and have his/her votes counted. She said, "What does this say about our country, and this democracy" that she didn't know how this can work in Wyoming, that they were not set up for a candidate outside of the political machines ... she should be the person to know, if anyone knew. She said, "But I am going to find out! And I'm going to call you!" In the end, the elections office in Wyoming refined and clarified their procedure through this correspondence, and it is noted here:

With regard to Utah, it was Richard Winger who alerted us that the information we were receiving from the Utah Elections Dept. might be incorrect. We had ruled out trying to qualify in Utah because we were told by the Elections Dept., several times over the course of months, that a write-in candidate for President had to come to Utah in person and pay $500 in order to qualify. With persistence, we were able to get to Mark Thomas in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, who was surprised to learn of the information we had been getting from their Elections Office. He would have to make sure that they knew the correct process. Filing for write-in candidacy for President was a much simpler process, only requiring a form and a follow-up questionnaire by phone.

As the election approached, on October 24th Frank received a rejection letter from the Elections Division of the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. His filing for write-in candidacy had been received in early July, but they were only now writing to let him know that they had rejected it. The letter said: “Your document has been rejected because, for the office of President and Vice President, the candidates must be residents of different states.” Again, with the help of Richard Winger, the campaign challenged this rejection, and won! The Minnesota Elections Division consulted their legal counsel, and had to admit that the rejection was in error, and that Frank would be officially qualified as a write-in candidate for President in Minnesota. See:


Several days after the election, Frank received a call from a woman in Santa Cruz informing the campaign of a vote-counting practice by the Santa Cruz County Clerk which would exclude write-in votes cast for President where the vice-president’s name was not also written in. This was not only a change in the way Santa Cruz county counted write-in votes for President, but went against the “voter’s intent” legal precedent already set in California and in most other states. The campaign consulted Richard Winger, and again challenged this procedure both with the Santa Cruz County Clerk and with the California Secretary of State. Due to this challenge, and the pressure put on the Santa Cruz County Clerk’s office by other interested parties, including supporters of Ron Paul (who was also one of the four certified write-in candidates for President in CA) the Secretary of State’s office confirmed that they would continue to count write-in votes for President where only the name of the presidential candidate was written in! See:

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Harley Spiller wrote:
Amazing what a fella can do! Go Frank Gogh! Harley

Frank Moore wrote:
shucks! but, yes....actually it's amazing what a small tribal community can do...what art can do!

beyond the campaign trail


The new milk guy, Tom, asked about our election night party, did we have fun? Did we know how many votes Frank got? Corey told him about it, and how we wouldn't know for at least another week what Frank's vote count was, in the states that actually tally them! Corey also told him about the card from Greg Hawkins, the Utah lawyer, and Tom was really moved, and fascinated .... he really focused in on what Greg had said about how our government is less about ideology than it is about process, and that Frank had "invigorated" the process. He was really impressed, and it made him think ... and it really struck him how powerful it was that Frank's running had reached so many people, from so many walks of life, for so many different reasons. Kevin, Alex's husband (Cultured) had the same reaction ... genuinely blown away.

Giving It Up to the Combine

mmmm...i have used the term THE COMBINE PLOT since the early 70s. for the
first decade people either thought i was crazy or they simply didn't get
what i was talking about. but for the last 10 years, every guest on my matter what they were into...has ended up talking about different
aspects of THE COMBINE!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

The Political Choice Facing America
> Giving It Up to the Combine
> October 22, 2008
> "Yes. This is what I know. The ward is a factory for the Combine. It's
> for fixing up mistakes made in the neighborhoods and in the schools and in
> the churches, the hospital is. When a completed product goes back out into
> society, all fixed up good as new, better than new sometimes, it brings
> joy to the Big Nurse's heart." -Ken Kesey
> There is a wondrous truth in the extract above.
> A deliberation from far outside.
> Truth within apt setting - the ward of psychiatric institution.
> But this small article is to be no exercise in literary criticism; rather
> a rage against such factory as representing body Politic degenerate, and
> a financial crisis caused by wilful deliberation as part of attempt at
> Global Financial Dominance - as act of madness.
> Against the Combine as Political Form, and Military Metaphysic as world
> view. As attempt to delineate psycho politics in a knowing of the enemy
> as Fascism - and the power of fear. The fear that we most of us now know
> so well as disruptive of psyche; in the questioning of assumptions made
> and as in threat to daily routine of lives - such the effects of
> shakedown of the Economy as Meltdown caused.
> Such , as consequent of Combine seeking to grasp more power in the
> shakedown.
> It is of Political origin - and demands Political remedy.
> Such the extent of damage as chaos inflicted that it does indeed call into
> question: 'Has the world gone mad?'
> The Combine isn't that big really.
> It is people who elect to give it such power as it has, through belief.
> Through form of ideological tithe of the mind, of giving up proportion of
> individuality.
> Giving it up to the Combine is a choice.
> Certain things in the mind as so given up, or as reconstructed through
> propoganda, as pattern in the head of others to scheme, are as taboo in
> the mentioning.
> They are as Social Contract abused.
> Excess proportion of tithe of the mind, as it were. Given from
> completed product thereby.
> Don't know about you; but I don't want to be a pattern in anyone else's
> head.
> Or to be ideologically occupied and conceptually restrained by Combine, or
> produced as completed product by Factory, or to cause joy in such as
> Big Nurse's heart.
> As completed product Political.
> Especially not to serve the needs of so few, at the expense of so many.
> I do not wish to become fait accompli to Fascism, however unwitting or
> gentle as unconscious slumber may the path be, before finding myself
> adopting such World View, looking around in fear, feeling under attack-
> and persecuting in my hatred as expression of such hateful state of
> being. As product complete.
> It is so easy to forget the power of ideas as beliefs in Politics, and for
> ideological tithe to operate unconscious such sense. But it is there as
> potential in each and every individual, as selective filter, in the
> interpretation of political events that is as apperception: as reflection
> of the precedence of existence over essence. It is there in the
> calculations made.
> The essence of spin is to operate at such a level, getting in to the
> ideological tithe. To limit thought as in the prohibition. By pejorative
> label, stereotype, generalisation, the maxim of slogan as seed, for
> example, as constituent of tithe fashioned.
> But what can be given up can also be taken down.
> It is a double edged sword.
> Politics seen here as pattern within world view determined, subjugation of
> consciousness political form accordant, factory restrained the Fascist
> form; Craft enhanced the Democratic - and the Combine as having fucked up
> in a big way, the factories not working as before, Psycho Political
> demand increasing as much as Economic sense gone beyond.
> Is there such connection?
> The wheels are turning, the puppets are dancing, the spinmeisters hard at
> work.
> Despite such, a lot of products out there are questioning their
> completeness, myself included.
> The straightjackets have been pulled too tight for illusion to prevail
> further that they are not there.
> This; there in the horror felt in listening to 'Drill, baby Drill!' at
> Political rally, as suitable 'build up' as could be to such mindless chant
> as: 'War is Peace! Freedom is slavery! Ignorance is strength!"
> In the distance felt, in such horror; awareness of the tithe. As
> unconscious operant no more, such the glimmering of insight.
> The insight as would see straightjacket on such others chanting so, -
> while ignoring one's own little item of such apparel, albeit drawstrings
> not so tightly drawn. Yet.
> The world has gone mad, and the lunatics are in charge.
> The demand for tithe requisite to support such world view form, the
> reality of Economic Imbalance, inequity of distribution, become too
> great to support the quid pro quo of outstretched hand as born of
> calculation, as in the enjoinment of scheme.
> That there be pretence as to Emperors new clothes whilst wearing rags
> oneself?
> As a ragged trousered philanthropist to ideological tithe?
> But; always to the Combine which wants more given up.
> Economics and Morality demand control of belief and can become the triumph
> of illusion over reality, or reality over illusion. To Riefenstahl, to
> Hitler; the former expressed as 'Triumph of the Will'.
> Of Social Contract as Psychology based upon Economy of daily crust given
> expressive of the 'Morality'?
> Of the Gini Coefficient and Military Metaphysic in intimacy of
> relationship. For you can't have one without the other, they are bound
> irrevocable in the body Politic.
> But God knows we must have Billionaires, and 'sharing the wealth' be as
> obscenity in the tithe; taboo - the very idea being as the sight of turd
> in a swimming pool.
> Even although most people, truth be told, now need such greater sharing of
> the wealth more than ever. As it has become even more polarised in the
> possession. As their sufferance grows.
> Of pragmatism such relationship born; Machiavellian manipulation of energy
> constrained as by Spinmeister roving to hierarchy, divided, machine like
> in the consequence of abrogation as Fascism; or the free collective
> summation of individuality as right to transcend, to be variant;
> egalitarian and unifying, organic in the assumption, as Democracy?
> This; the choice staring America in the face.
> 'Cui Bono?' resounding starkly in the sufferance and misery as is.
> Highlighting the possibility of much worse to come should wrong 'choice'
> be made.
> Of Politics and Form as World View thereby determined.
> Of Fascism and Democracy as extent and type of ideological tithe.
> This, two fingers to such factory serving Combine, Churchill like
> reversed; as in 'V' for 'Victory' - for the Combine have overstepped the
> mark this time in destroying the basis of world view propagated as
> illusion, in the removal from even the crumbs of consolation from the
> table, that in the taking from the sustenance for so many, reality
> prevails over illusion, no matter effort contrary.
> No matter the ideological tithe.
> The Combine has gone a bridge too far.
> Theirs is a tithe now too demanding to support. The power of money to form
> of greed has crossed the Rubicon of Political Form. You cannot have
> Democracy when a small group has all the power money can buy, the demand
> such form is for Fascism.
> This Fascism must not be allowed to be furthered. As in statement of
> taboo:
> The Combine must be dismantled, bit by bit, piece by piece.
> There must be a cleanout of the Financial System which brought this
> catastrophe about.
> Most notably the Federal Reserve.
> In the sufferance caused by Combine machination gone wild by greed, eye on
> new field of exploitation, world view apparent; stark and staring from
> abyss; servitude for people as complete product in the extent of tithe
> threatened.
> Because greed has destroyed the real factories, the real Companies as
> source of livelihood, destroyed the real Economy.
> Because this is the reality staring us in the face, as madness of
> destruction brought about, as so many lives destroyed by so few, and for
> so little.
> Like so many little men so tithed ideological, I am weary of the
> machinations, unable to continue to stand still in hope that the scythe
> passes by, hoping for freedom to grow again while sensing contrary.
> Tired all 'sense' around.
> Of print, radio and t.v, of mainstream media, of 'news'; of talking
> heads and hateful mouths; of boot being stamped down upon face as evermore
> apparent in such bind as would be.
> Such tithing, such tithing.
> Tired of the dance of puppets, to music of the sellout, the rhythm
> getting more frantic.
> Tired of the Factory such mindset as product manufactured.
> Tired of giving it up to the Combine.
> Life is not death.
> Liberty is not incarceration.
> Happiness is not misery.
> No matter such as may be paid in the contribution towards.
> In giving it up to the Combine.
> Whether as Wall Street Alumni, Government by shadow, bad faith stooge or
> military metaphysic cheerleader.
> To say as in moment captured, embrace private, share of love familial or
> in ecstasy orgasmic:
> 'I am alive. I am free. I can be happy!'
> Should not be as revolution attained against the odds; against the body
> Politic.
> Not as something to be repressed, rendered servile, destroyed.
> But seen as gift of much greater mystery, surely much the more
> transcendent as shared.
> Should be as everyday embrace of life anew - as routine and joyful as Sun
> rising.
> To dawn of another day.
> In a Democracy.
> But yet, when it boils down to it; we are most no less than two pay checks
> from the street.
> So many are already there.
> When the Combine turns screw too far, this much apparent as fear way
> beyond; pragmatic such as black box vote hacked; water board in stateless
> Gulag, electro shock applied to one who would question , protest zone or
> free speech cage; the trend seen clear.
> Choosing to tolerate such goings on - that may be seen as complete
> product?
> What next to acceptor of the tithe; what next ..?
> In giving it up for the Combine
> In the fear cultivated; strangulation of the willingness to speak up, each
> individual so bound by tithe; another quiet slipping away.
> Of Democracy.
> That Politics can be such exercise of control; of mind, of love, of soul?
> No more!
> No longer such world as constrained; to accept what is told acceptable -
> thankful for crumb fed , mind bent - and in such kneeling; 'joy' to
> heart of big nurse.
> Not while staring into the abyss of meltdown; looking at life anew in the
> huddle, to such clear reflection of Combine - and their tithe of mind.
> In such staring, dreams and belief seen as through broken screw on
> thumbnail instrument of torture and control; as Socratic insight upon
> release from shackles; of pleasure as the relief from pain.
> The military metaphysic now apparent in all it's monstrosity - for all but
> the most tithed of to see.
> No more the belief that Factory serving such Combine can be good, when
> the fowl and evil consequences produced stare us in the face.
> All around.
> That such given up, as of world view, as in tithe, was worth it for the
> common good; as served peace; 'individual' survival?
> Despite the wars in far off lands, despite the desperate pretence of gain
> as happiness found in materialism extreme, despite Economic crash,
> sufferance of neighbor if not of self?
> In such protective insularity, as between margins, a tragedy of failure,
> as on my behalf, seen - as the victory of illusion over reality.
> In giving it up to the Combine.
> But the dominance and demands increasing.
> Democracy in America is slipping away, the ideological tithe growing in
> the accretion of lie upon lie.
> The biggest of such lies?
> That this Financial Meltdown was accidental; the results of a few greedy
> individuals, held up as scapegoats.
> When the Combine gambled upon field anew, it knew the risk. It knew the
> downside. It knew the price of 'all or nothing', the trend as must be
> followed, the fear as must be exerted as instrument of control, the
> mechanisms to be changed, the levers to be pulled.
> The patterns of the Military Metaphysic must indeed be changed - the
> question is by whom - and which form accordant; descent or ascent?
> The tithe must change.
> Yet in the crisis for the people there is also a crisis for the Combine.
> Is someone to arise, who shall step forward on behalf of the people, and
> change the tithe - in turning the tide?
> In such seeing, making announcement clear, so cutting to tithe, so
> destructive of the Combine and their control?
> With words recognising what lies underneath.
> Words such as:
> "So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we
> have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror
> which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."
> Franklin D Roosevelt
> That fear, that terror as is as in giving it up to the Combine, form of
> ideological tithe. As causes retreat, prevents advance.
> Such as leads one to plead:
> Speak up now Citizen, or lose the ability, let alone the right to do so.
> In giving it up to the Combine.

How effective has our campaign been?

well, i knew we were reaching a wide range of people. but i wasn't prepared to get in the mail a thank you card from! he is a mainstream mormon (not to be confused with the bigamist group who endorsed us) lawyer, republican politician (ran for the senate and was a staffer for Sen. Orin Hatch!). the card's front was his picture and inside was this hand-written note...with a smiley face drawn:

Gregory P. Hawkins
Hawkins & Sorensen, LC
5710 South Green Street
Murray, UT 84123

Dear Frank,

Thank you for running. I am very grateful. Citizenship, as you know, is about participation. But, patriotism is about sacrifice. I know by experience the sacrifice it takes to run for public office.

I applaud you! You are a patriot. Our governing systems are much less about ideology than they are about process. It is the process that secures our liberty. You have invigorated the process. God Speed.


Thank you!

Frank Moore wrote:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hi, Greg,

Your card meant a lot to me. I totally agree with what you say about process and citizenship, participation, ideology, sacrifice, and patriotism. A lot of people think running for office is all about “winning.” Especially for a write-in candidate like myself, “winning” is a very minor/remote possibility. I ran to introduce new ideas, new possibilities…to inject hope…and to change the process. We did that! Our campaign forced several states to change their election procedures, as just one example. Utah was one of those states. At first it looked like Utah didn’t allow write-ins. But on the advice of Richard Winger of Ballot Access, we pushed. Then we were told I would have to come in person to Salt Lake and pay $500. We pushed some more. It finally turned out Utah legally is one of the easiest states in which to qualify as a write-in. But you have to push!

You and I probably don’t agree on a lot of things. But we agree on the basics!

Btw, I am a military brat too. My dad was in the Air Force. My mom was from Utah. From 9 to 13 [I’m 62 now], I went to special education schools in Ogden and Salt Lake. Then we lived in Germany.

Again thanks for writing.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Saturday, November 15, 2008

hey, johnny!

got your phone message congratulating our campaign. thanks! it meant a lot to me. how did you hear about my campaign?

i run the web station i would love to carry your johnny beefsteak show. do you record it?

last sunday's show

kene-j is a local hip-hop artist who has been on my luver/tv show quite a lot over the years. but for the first time he came to one of our live performances/campaign events. afterwards he went home and wrote a bunch of songs inspired by the performance. so i had him on to sing these songs. also for years he has been promising me a pot roast!

Pot Roast Anyone??? Yes he had brought it!!! Good News!!! Soon the show started and Tha Archivez, Kene-J had written many new songs that were inspired by Frank and by our last performance that he was a part of, they were softer and sexy, fun!!!! Then came the talk where he really bloomed and talked and talked about the state of the world and needing to focus on love and that can break down all the love-haters!!! It was amazing!!! You could feel how much this guy loves Frank, and feels connected to us. He has been in various shows with us about 8 times now!!! Frank talked about the death of the Claremont House which was a clear example of what needs to be battled with love for Kene in life and we showed him the card Frank got from the lawyer in Utah thanking Frank for his presidential campaign. Kene talked about it only being a matter of time before we break down the conservatives and Frank had stories about that, conservatives loving his platform. Wow it was an amazing show!!

more links for Frank Moore for President! (official mentions)

Certified candidate lists, etc. from Illinois, Georgia, California, Idaho, Montana ...
Election Results from Nez Perce County, IDAHO

Sacramento County's list of write-in presidential candidates
San Francisco, CA -- list of candidates
BALLOT POLL - President 2008
this details which candidates were running in each state ...
Richard Winger's update on counting write-in votes in CA 11/10/08 appears here as well

Write-in vote problems.

Richard Winger wrote:
If anyone in New York city (or anywhere in the country) e-mails you that they DID write-in you, and then that same person later learns that the write-in wasn't counted, please save that person's contact info. We may be suing some of these jurisdictions (New York city is very bad) that break their own law and don't count valid write-ins.

Unfortunately people who just let themselves get talked out of writing in aren't useful for this purpose.

Frank Moore wrote:
we have gotten 2 such reports from nyc...from different parts of the city...which tells me there were more such cases. sounds like the person wrote me in, realized she didn't do it correctly, asked for a second ballot and help, but was met with hostile resistence by the polling officials, so left without successfully voting. did i get it right, aimee?

Aimee McCormick wrote:
Yes, I was not able to cast my vote because the staff at the polling place were hostile, but, alas, not that my vote wasn't counted. I should have asked for help before entering the booth, but did not anticipate having trouble with the machine. Staff member entered my booth uninvited, which I felt was in violation of my privacy. I wanted assistance but did not want someone in the booth with me, she entered uninvited, as, I suppose, I was taking too long, I asked her to leave the booth as I noticed the instructions for write in candidates on the wall of booth. I followed the instructions, the last step being to pull over the lever, duh!! So, I asked for help again, at that point, where she chastised me for having pulled the lever, and I felt ridiculed in front of everyone in the polling place, she shouted across the room to someone higher-up, who potentially could have helped me recast the vote and told me to speak to him, but felt humiliated, and ran out crying like a dumbass, with people laughing at me. I suggest educating people on how to write in more specifically with those damn old machines. If I had just held down the "personal choice" button while sliding over the slot at the same time I would have been able to vote for you. I thought I knew what to do had done some write in research beforehand, but the instructions on the booth were just not instructive, and following them, I ended my session. Look, I really love living and working in Harlem, but there was obvious bias at the polling place, and as much as I want to stand for democracy, I just didn't want everyone knowing I was not voting for Obama, I get enough attention as it is.

So I guess I got "talked out of it" bummer, next time will be more proactive, but am honored to have correspondence with you.

Yours Truly,

Frank Moore wrote:
aimee, you went beyond the call of duty! thanks! that shows how seriously people took our campaign. it also shows how much the election process is stacked/rigged, at all layers, in favors the 2 major parties.

richard, should aimee register a complaint now?

Richard Winger wrote:
Probably she shouldn't bother. She should just serve as an example for all of us who read your posts.

Frank Moore wrote:


DA BOYZ wrote:

At lunchtime, Corey called and left messages for the Sec. of State's legal dept. again, and for the woman who had processed Frank's candidate filing in the elections office ... while still at lunch, there was a call back from Pam Giarrizzo, the head of the legal dept., letting Corey know that they had decided to count votes which were written-in with only the presidential candidate's name ... She made sure to let him know however that they had some precedent for NOT counting them this way, but that they had decided in the end to do it. Corey let Richard know and he was very happy! He said that their reasons for not counting them were weak ... they were citing cases
that were really about other issues, and there was much more support, both from CA and from other states, for counting write-in votes in situations like these.


The party prep went into full swing ... last minute decorations, balloons, folding clothes and putting away the clothes drying rack, etc. etc., chopping tons of carrots and potatoes and packing them into foil packs with onions, garlic and herbs, yum yum yum ...

Then before we knew it, you guys were pulling up, with Lois right behind and getting situated and the food was getting set out ... it was a lot of fun ... a really fun way to celebrate the end of Frank's campaign, and to watch the election returns come in together. It was really neat to have over Lois and Alicia, Carol Swann, Bob, Eric and Carol and Stephanie and Egon from next door ...the food was amazing, and then the desserts, the cupcakes!!

It was amazing to see the reactions of people to Obama's victory ... how much hope it gave everyone, very moving! Corey ran down plates of food and desserts to Betty & Joe, and she was delighted! And then we took food down to Bill, who we knew appreciated it a lot.

The crowd thinned out, and soon it was just us, and we cleaned up, packed food away, kept the election coverage going ... talking about the night ... the farts started appearing!

Corey and Alexi went off to vote!! I finished with the balloons and then did the flower arrangement and set up all the plates and silverware and then washed carrots and cut them up for roasting! All the cooking was starting and Alexi fired up the grill!! Soon we were on our way to the polls to vote. It was a fun walk and quick when we got there voting for Frank, what fun!!! Then we headed down for the event!!! After a couple of trips for Frank's cups and pillows he got settled in his chair and the TV and computer had election news coming to us!! Everything looked great, all the decorating, the flowers and the balloons and all the yummy food!! Louis and her daughter arrived when we did and later Carol Swan and Bob, and our neighbors from next door. It was small and intimate and cozy. We talked and watched the election news and soon ate some of the delicious food, then before we knew it they were announcing that Obama had won so we all gathered in close and watched on TV!! Wow, so many crowds of people gathered around the country and the world with tears in their eyes, amazing!! Carol and Eric arrived with cupcakes just as we were eating our macaroons and cookies, yum!!! They both had some big plates of food and thought the food was great!!! It was fun to meet them. We took food down to Betty and Joe and to Bill, and Betty called to say that it was delicious and that Frank should have won!! Soon people started heading out and we started to clean up and still watching the news coming in and gathering up our asses to head down to the PH.

Peeked outside to see if anyone was coming and there you were taking photos of the pretty lights and the awesome banner. Lois and her daughter came in with you as we were just starting to put the food on the island. Was really cool to finally meet Lois. Then Carol Swan came and she was really fun! Bob called and had traveled along San Pablo to Gilman and up to Santa Fe, so I gave him directions to get here. He called again when he got to Curtis so I went out to meet him down the street. When we walked up to the house the lights and everything looked so amazing! It was fun to have him come. There was so much food for everyone. We were all cozy watching the votes come in. It was such a quick success for Obama! Exciting! We heard a little parade going on outside and went out to see it. The people all stopped in front of the house beating and whooping, and they looked up at Frank's banner with curiosity and some confusion and then they moved on. Bob was getting ready to leave so I told him that I would walk him home. I would take my bike so that I could just ride back. He said that it wasn't necessary to do that, he would be ok. I walked him outside and he said he was really glad he came. Said that there would be a lot of people around so he felt better about going home on his own. I opened the gate for him and he zoomed away. Shortly after that the doorbell rang and there was Eric and Carol! And cupcakes! Eric had told me he was going to be baking them for the party as he had a craving to make them and hasn't in a while. They came in and saw the spread and dug right in. Loved the food! Even took a plate for their son and for Mike who works at Phoenix. Corey and Alexi also took plates to Betty and Joe, and Bill. Really great to be able to share the bounty. We all watched Obama's victory speech. Amazing to see a black family up there, and they looked close and warm with each other. Then Carol and Eric left saying they would see me tomorrow. Took me a while to remember what day it was. Then Carol Swan left too with plans to have her mom on Frank's Shaman's Den. We hung out together as the food was divvied up and put away. Cookie was very attracted to Frank and kept lying on his foot. When everything was ready we all walked down to the ph.

More links about Frank Moore for President!

MINNESOTA election results

Claremont, CA

Frank mentioned here ...
"These are just the candidates who are listed on the ballot, not counting any write-ins. Ballot Access News reports that Frank Moore is not on the ballot on any state, but he has qualified as a write-in presidential candidate in 25 states, probably a record. He also campaigns diligently. He and his campaign team have been working on getting write-in status for nine months. He lives in Berkeley, California. The Green Papers has some additional information on write-ins and more.
The only state where there are no alternatives to Obama or McCain on the ballot is Oklahoma. Ballot Access News carries the story today that according to E. Z. Million (an independent candidate in 2006 for Lieutenant Governor), the Democratic and Republican Party state chairmen do not oppose easing presidential ballot access."
Um - I think you missed a few
(scroll down to see this discussion ...)
actually has a chance this!!! I'm not voting Obama...I would rather not vote. All the work and time and effort of all the people here and other places who have worked so hard and long and with such dedication to the Dem party and then to be insulted, demeaned, disrespected, etc. will not earn my vote this time.
-- 200+ YEARS
And we still are only really limited to a choice between two political parties. How Sad!
Sadder still when people like Gore Vidal say "I wish we had two parties. What we really have is one party with two wings." How True.
Cynthia McKinney Green Party.
-- OR ...
Steve Kissing, Frank Moore, Jesse Johnson, Mike Gravel, Steve Kubby, Gloria La Riva and more. Link
We've always had choices, we're all just a bunch of sheep who only look at 2 like we're told.
If the Clinton/Obama battle royale leads to people leaving the Democratic party in droves, while Bush incompetence and McCain apathy leads to Republicans leaving their party...this just might save the damn republic!
"Wrench in the works" in '08 baby!"
(scroll down to see this ...)
"What about the Frank Moore / Susan Block ticket?
Pot-smoking... check.
Squirting... check.
Freaky President... check.
Sexy VP (suck it, Palin!)... check.
Write'em in, people!
Post Title: Re: (Euro Hooligan)
Posted by: CarLuvrSD at 5:13 PM 9-17-2008"

election returns JUST IN!

according to

suzy and i have recieve 6,563 votes nation-wide so far! keep in mind that most states have not even started counted write-in votes yet! we could get much more. i was expecting a few hundred. THIS IS MIND-BLOWING!

Ruth Spivak wrote:
That is awesome! And you beat 9 other people! Do you have a state by state breakdown yet? I am so proud of you. We have beat the "aristocratic" barrier (Jackson), the religion barrier (Kennedy), the color barrier (Obama) and now you! Way to go!

Vinnie Spit wrote:
Congrats dude - well done.
- Vinnie

Richard Winger wrote:
Unfortunately some person wrote "Frank" but they meant "Brian". Brian Moore is the Socialist Party presidential candidate and he was on the ballot in 8 states. No state has yet tallied any presidential write-ins.

Frank Moore wrote:
ah, something didn't seem to jive! but it was on a mainstream news site...the kind of media on which most people form their reality picture! and what else is unreal?! we will just have to wait to find our actual vote count. and we should remember that vote count will be only the tip of the ice burg of our campaign's influence effect...which has been huge!

Ruth Spivak:
Sometimes when something is too good to be true, it is. I am sorry. But I am looking forward to finding out what your numbers actually were.

Frank Moore wrote:
exactly, ruth. the actual vote count will be small fraction of the effect. also we are getting emails from people...especially in nyc...who tried to vote for me and couldn't because of pressure at the polling place...which is a bummer, an outragew. but it also tells me that people went to the polls for us...which is mind-blowing!

John The Baker wrote:
amazing. this in news !! Ya'll should write a press release and state that 6,500 votes will inspire many new third party candidates for future elections. This is revolutionary!! You should get invited to the white house to teach campainging and to have parts of your platform included into the new admins . platform.

I could see you getting nominated for secretary of the alter abled. !!

Keep going ! Jesse Helms seat in NC which was held by Elizabeth Dole was uprooted by a democrate defeating the incumbant Dole ! revolution I say !

peace my friends !
John the Baker

Frank Moore wrote:
ah, yes....too amazing to be this point. but no matter the numbers, we have opened up the we always do!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

hi, katherine!

Frank Moore wrote:
i just want to thank you for all you do!

Katherine wrote:

Thanks so much. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your election returns party on Tuesday. It was bittersweet for my friends who were working for No on 8. We will get there! I was pleased to air your wonderful campaign media, and hopefully you got good feedback from the community about it. I appreciate you and Corey and Linda being so supportive of community media (not only in the platform but on an everyday basis!) and so understanding of the quality we’re able to maintain with limited staff. Even though we’re fabulous, wickedly smart staff such as myself…ahem.

Hope you’re having a good autumn,

Programming Coordinator
Berkeley Community Media
B-TV Channel 28 Live Stream:

Frank Moore wrote:
hopefully the new administration will value public access and other community channels.

we really need to get religion and politics out of each other. marriage is a religious, hence personal/private, concept. it shouldn't be defined/limited by politics...the same with abortion.

HUZZAH for your campaign!

Dorothy Jesse Beagle wrote:
Dear Frank,

I'm sorry I missed your campaign party at the Blue House, Corey and Alexi brought me tons of groceries last evening as I'm still 'under the weather' but also brought wonderful cookies, ,MACAROON homemade! BY Mikee - WONDERFUL!!!

I told C&A that your campaign meant that millions were able to know your platform, and learn much from it.. Here and in other countries.


The election

Betsy wrote:
I wanted to congratulate you on your run for president. You put out a view that needed to be heard. You too are an historical figure of this 2008 election. How fabulous that you were able to do this and touch so many people. Look what a person can do if they perservere, you are a role model for all people, not just those who are challenged. I am very excited about the possibilities of our new administration. We all grew up in the thick of the anti-war movement of the civil rights movement and to see this, is wonderful. I guess democracy is not dead. I kept thinking about my mother who was a peace and civil rights activist even before I was born. I know she and her buddies were dancing out there in the universe... we shall overcome.
To peace, tolerance, humanity and to making a difference,
Thank you,
Love, Betsy

Frank Moore wrote:
shucks, betsy!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Santa Cruz county write-in vote counting

Blue House wrote:
A woman from Santa Cruz called today to let us know that her husband, who has been working as an elections volunteer for the Santa Cruz County Clerk, was given a document meant to instruct them as to how to identify and count write-in votes in Santa Cruz County. He was surprised to see the instructions, which were new to him, that said that in order for a write-in vote for President to be counted, the names of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates must be written there. He had not seen this before, and believed it to be wrong. This is the document: He questioned the county registrar about this, and she told him that it came from the elections code. He looked up the code she referred him to, and did not see anything in it which would require this, so he kept on her about it ... When last he saw her, the day before the election, she had told him that she was going to look into what other counties are doing ... she could not explain where they had gotten this instruction from.

He and his wife both said that there were no notices to voters of this at the polls, nor in the election materials that were mailed to Santa Cruz county residents. Moreover, it turns out that it is not legally defensible under California elections law.

Richard Winger cited a court case from 1961 to back this up: Muir v. Steinberg 197C.A.2d264 . At the end of the ruling, on pg. 271, it refers to the intention of the voter being primary in counting write-in votes in California. He also said that this emphasis on the intention of the voter is true for most states. He has contacted the Secretary of State's office about this, but has not been called back. Richard said that for the following reasons, this requirement for counting write-in votes for President is in error ...

In the case of write-in voting for President, the voter is actually voting for a slate of Presidential electors pledged to a particular candidate. So if the voter writes-in the name of the Presidential candidate, but leaves out the name of the v.p., the intention is crystal clear: the voter wants those electors that are pledged to that candidate. The name of the v.p. is unimportant. Second, Richard said that in many California counties, the space allowed for writing-in is small enough to deter people from writing in the v.p. candidate's name in addition to the presidential candidate. And thirdly, there is the fact that Santa Cruz County has not required this before, and it does not appear to have originated as a mandate from the Secretary of State.

Richard gave me several numbers to try at the Secretary of State's office and Elections office, and I left three messages at lunch ... by the end of the day, there was a call back from the head of the Secretary of State's legal department, wanting the court case and citation number I referred to in my message. At that time, I didn't have a number to cite. Richard looked it up for me, and I called back this afternoon and left a second message with that information!

Frank Moore wrote:
and we thought our work was over! FOLLOW IT UP!

Frank Moore for President ???

Andreas GMX wrote:
Frank Moore for President ???

By the way - elections are over and I haven't seen a bit of you. German TV channels didn't show a second of your campaign.

But all you Americans - today you can be very proud of your Nation, of your democracy and of your new President. God bless you all.


Frank Moore wrote::
well, what is on tv is a tiny fraction of reality!

thanks for your best wishes for us here.

i just want to say

Susan Block wrote:
Thank YOU, Frank, for an inspirational campaign. I’m honored to have run as your Veep.

My second choice was Obama. So I’m happy his Message of Hope trounced the Republican Uber War Machine.

I can’t wait to see how he responds when you offer him your help in getting the country back onto a course of peace, prosperity, responsibility and good vibes.

I was thrilled to vote for you/us today with British TV filming my cute little business-suited ass for Bravo and Virgin 1. Many people in the line were fans of my public access show in LA (some had seen you on it too!). Even though you’re not supposed to canvass, I slipped a few copies of your platform to people dying to read it. They were bound and determine to vote for Obama, and I wasn’t about to rain on their parade, or blame them for wanting to be a part of this orgasmic seismic historic shift in American dominant culture. But they thanked us profusely for entering the political conversation, giving them fresh ideas that “just make sense” and making a difference in this big sprawling multi-cultural continent we call home.

Peace through pleasure


Frank Moore wrote:
you and i were on a mission of hope! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! thanks for going on it with me!

the guy working at our polling place was obviously a fan of our shows. he knew who we were voting for!

btw, people are calling me demanding new episodes of your show!

Media News: We Won One!

From Media Alliance Email News:
Hopefully this isn't the only "we won" e-mail that many of us will receive in the next 24 hours.
But on this Election Day, we are thrilled to announce that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted unanimously this morning to open vacant television channel spectrum (the "white spaces") to unlicensed use, which support the development of broadband and wireless technologies to increase speed and deliver access to rural and urban low-income communities poorly serviced by commercial providers. This is a big win! There was a furious attempt by the television broadcasters and their lobbying group (the NAB) to delay and/or scuttle this vote.Thank you everyone for your e-mails and calls. They really made a difference. To more victories later today and this evening,

Media Alliance Email News and Updates
1904 Franklin Street, Suite 500 Oakland, CA 94612 : (510) 832-9000
To subscribe, visit

Paul Escriva wrote:
Yeah...this really seem like a good one!! More channels of possibilities. Frankie, you are still changing the world.

xo Paul

Frank Moore wrote:
ya betcha!

Well done frank

Annie Sprinkle wrote:
You made a heroic effort. Congratulations on a well done campaign. Hopefully one day more candidates will adopt your proposals.
We wish Prop k had won to decriminalize prostitution.
Heroic effort there too. At least it was a respectable loss. We got close.


Frank Moore wrote:
yes, was an amazing 2 year performance, going deep on so many levels....getting the ideas, philosophy, and the possibilities out there, infecting literally tens of millions of people directly...planting seeds of change! wish i could claim i planned all of it. but like always i just hung on for dear life, treating everything seriously and with respect, just following the openings.
frankly we here are blown out how successful it has been! but thank fuck we didn't know what we were getting into! we never do!

Election 2008

MiddleEarthmap@ at wrote:
Please give me a 200 word or less reason why I should vote for you. Thank you.

Frank Moore wrote:
a little too late!

Good luck!

Good luck with today's election, my President. I'm going off to vote for you, as well as against prop 8 and prop 4, with the British TV crew filming me (whatever happened to privacy in the voting booth?). Waiting for Ian to pick me up!


I tried ...

Aimee McCormick Ford wrote:
Dear Mr. Moore,

I was going to write you in today, but was faced with the old confusing machines, and hostile volunteers. I feel just terrible about it, I left the polls in quite a flustered state, and am so dismayed with our political system.

I take some responsibility on the matter, I should have done more research on how to write in and use the machines, I didn't know that you had to hold the button down while sliding the slot over at the same time, and the instructions in the booth were of no help, and I mistakenly ended my session before writing you in.

As a former performance artist, a current pacifist, special ed teacher and advocate for neuro and physical diversity I salute you, and hope to get it "write" in four years to come.

Aimee McCormick Ford

Frank Moore wrote:
aimee, thanks for making the effort! legally they should have given you another ballot. which state are you in?

in performance, the intensity of intent creates effect, deepens it. on this level, your trying to vote for me created a powerful effect! thank you! but they should have respected your vote. i do!

Aimee McCormick Ford wrote:
thank you for your reply, I live in Harlem NYC, . The polling place volunteers appeared a bit "biased" and they used the old voting machine. I was uncomfortable with the volunteer being in the booth with me, and she was being hostile. I was also uncomfortable with the whole room knowing I was writing in, and I perhaps could have stayed and fought to have it redone but became so flustered, suppose it was a performance in of itself, with everyone laughing at the crazy white lady.


Frank Moore wrote:
what they did was definitely illegal.

how did you come to know about my running for president?


Fred Hatt wrote:
Just wrote your name on the ballot in Brooklyn, NY!


Frank Moore wrote:
great, Fred!

I voted for you today!!

Frank Edward Nora wrote:

I proudly cast my vote today in Nutley, New Jersey. I hit "write in" and typed FRANK MOORE on the little keyboard. And I felt great doing it.

I recorded the whole voting process, coming today on The Rampler #104.

Also I played some clips from the Dr. Susan Block Show on The Overnightscape #752, also coming today.

Thanks for making the voting today cool and enjoyable!!


Frank Moore wrote:
great, frank!


Blue House wrote:

Frank Moore wrote:


Michael Rosenthal wrote:
Hi, Frank and Linda.

I already voted for Mr. Obama, but if it's any consolation, I would vote for Frank before I would vote for McCain or Nader.

Keep me on your e-mail list. Thanks.

Michael Rosenthal

Frank Moore wrote:
a good choice...not the best choice....but...

things are going to change for the better!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

i just want to say


In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Eric Kroll wrote:
u ran a good clean race and so does she (Danielle)

Frank Moore wrote:
that's exactly what we tried to do!

Harley wrote:
thank you Frank - it must be a big disappointment but you've had downers
before and never stop cracking that great big glorious grin and oozing all
that fabulous love - and we got hte 2nd best outcome're welcome
and thank you and you're welcome and thank you! Harley

Frank Moore wrote:
what have you been smokin', har? what "a big disappointment?" what
"bummer?" we did much more than we set out to do on every level! i ain't so
foolish to have "winning" as a goal.

Monday, November 03, 2008



Soon we were off on a quick walk/platform drop. This time we headed down Francis to Santa Fe, and went up Santa Fe toward Gilman, dropping a platform on every porch, and then went down Key Route, both sides of the street, dropping Frank's platforms, and in some cases handing them to folks directly. One guy said he had seen all the signs up and was curious about this and he would check it out. It was really fun to leave Frank's platform like this, and a good walk! It gave you the feeling that if there were people all over the country going door to door like this, just giving people Frank's platform, he would win!


you are invited to a potluck/bbq ELECTION PARTY at the Blue House on
Tuesday, November 4, 2008!

it will start around 6pm or so!

Blue House
1200 Curtis Street
Berkeley, CA 94706

bring a dish, something to grill, and anything else you can think of!

even more press!

This looks like an article by the guy who interviewed Frank from the Independent of London ... is that right?? this is pg. 4 of a 5 page piece from December 2007.

FRANK MOORE Independent

Most shrewd political advisers would counsel against appearing naked except for your shoes and socks and having a girl grind up and down on you. But performance artist and quadriplegic Frank Moore isn't following the usual advice.

He's known as the "Stephen Hawking of performance art" and communicates, like the esteemed Lucasian professor of mathematics, with a pointing board. His vice-presidential candidate is Dr Susan Block, an internet and telephone sex therapist who also hosts an explicit cable and internet TV show.

"Define 'win'," he says through his interpreter when I ask about his chances. "I have already won. You are talking to me. It's not just a publicity exercise, but (an effort) to get the issue talked about in a real way."

His policies include abolishing welfare and social security in favour of a $1000-a-month payment for every adult; free education and healthcare for all; a flat-rate tax of 10% for earnings up to $1million, with a 75% rate on earnings above that; and halving the military budget.

"I suppose at first it's kind of funny," says Block. "Here's this quadriplegic artist and a pretty outspoken sex therapist who likes to dress up in lingerie. But I think when people read our platform they'll find there's a lot of sense in it. Right now, some politicians are sexually repressed and channelling their sexual energies into big phallic bombs and war and destruction." Make love not war, indeed.

good luck

Stavros wrote:
Tonight on the eve of the election I refuse to believe the polls. I don’t care what they say, You have a chance in winning this election.

Frank Moore wrote:
yep, a chance and a possibility!...upon which i've made a lifetime!


Frank Moore for President is mentioned here ...!

Suzy's article mentioning that her "man" is Frank Moore appeared here on CounterPunch's website!

League of Women Voters
Frank is listed here!
Frank is listed here on a site about contacting candidates through Instant Messaging icons!
Frank is listed here as a write-in candidate for President!
Frank is listed here as a write-in candidate for President!

to refresh you before you go to the polls...


Frank Moore for President 2008

I’ll do away with welfare and social security. Instead, every American will receive a minimum income of $1,000 a month. This amount will be tied to the cost of living and will not be taxable. (See Guaranteed Minimum Income below for an expanded view.)

We will have universal prenatal-to-the-grave health care and universal free life-long education with equal access. Everyone will have equal access to health care; everyone will have the same health coverage as the President has.

Public mass transit will be free, 24/7, and reliable.

The minimum income and the minimum/livable wage, linked to the cost of living, will rise every time the congress members vote themselves a pay raise…will rise by the same percentage of their raise.

Prisons should be only for violent or otherwise dangerous criminals. Prisons should be a part of the health and educational system and should include drug rehab programs. This should also be true for the new creative in-community programs for non-violent criminals for paying-back, rehab, and education sentencing. These programs will be more effective and much less expensive and harmful to the community on every level than the current human warehouse system. Flexibility of sentencing should to be returned to judges. I will ban the death penalty.

The use of drugs should be legalized and taxed. Pot and spirits should be sold over the counter to adults only. Tobacco and other addictive drugs should be sold by prescription only. Free drug rehab programs should be readily available.

I will forgive the loans to the so-called third-world countries over the original principle.

How will I pay for all of these new programs?

I’ll do away with all tax deductions for over $12,000 income. Instead, there will be a flat tax of 10% on annual income of less than one million dollars for an individual and less than five million dollars for a corporation. But the flat tax will jump to 75% on annual income exceeding these limits. An individual taxpayer will be able to direct her taxes to what functions she wants to support. But corporate taxpayers should not have this option.

I’ll cut the military budget by at least half.

I will reduce the federal government while raising services to the people by getting rid of welfare, social security, the so-called war on drugs, etc., and by the cuts in the military, the I.R.S., prisons, etc. The Department of Homeland Fear… I mean Security…has been a disaster, a con job on a massive scale. I will junk it.

Community-based health services will create jobs, and increase quality of life for patients and the community itself, especially the elderly. It will be more effective, more humane, and cheaper.

Preventative medicine will cut costs. School meals should be part of the health system. Growing food in schools, and healthy meals in schools will cut medical costs and improve kids’ performance in school. This will also make schools more a part of their communities, increasing the overall health of the communities.

Today, because of monopolies, we pay much more for drugs and have less access to drugs than most Western nations. The drug companies are searching for what will generate the largest profits, and that dictates the research. This means many problems that are deemed unprofitable are left unexplored. With profit/greed no longer the driving force in the health care system, medicine and coverage for the so called “non-profitable” diseases and services would be better funded and much improved. There will be much more funding available for things like primary care, immunizations, basic health care … things for the public good.

We will use half of the money we will save by cutting the military budget to pay down the national debt. I will shrink the federal bureaucracy and again use half of the savings for this pay down. I will reduce the pollution caused by obscene corporate profits.

Basically the problem is not a lack of money, but what we have spent our money on…war, pork, waste, etc. It has been a standard trick to distract us with supposed waste, fraud, etc. in the social programs while milking us out of billions in military waste, corporate welfare, etc.

On the bailout, let me get this straight...we are bailing out these companies to the tune of $700 billion because they are "too big to allow them to fail because if they failed, the whole global economy will crumble!" If this is true, if the global economy is that fragile, we are in deep shit. A bail out will not get us out of this deep shit. I would down size these companies to more sane sizes...I would break them up. I would make the selling of debt illegal. I would set an interest rate ceiling of 5% on all loans. I would bring back pre-Reagan regulations on banks, etc. If I were going to bail out these companies, they would have to provide full and free medical coverage to every American for 25 years!

Again, the selling/buying of debt should be illegal. Moreover, there should be a maximum interest rate of 10 percent on the original principle over the life time of a loan.

Royalties from medicines and devices that were developed in public universities or by the government will be returned to the public by way of funding the health care system. So the public will see a return on their investment in these public institutions. These funds could also help the education system I propose. All patents and copyrights will expire in 20 years. Inventions, products, etc. which are developed with governmental money and/or public institutions can not be patented.

It is to get back to common wealth rather than wealth, to induce the break up of the big corporations, to bring back the control of our society to us the people, to turn away from greed and distorting huge profits, and shift the burden of paying for our common good to those who have the ability to pay. All of this will open up a great wealth of new opportunities for everybody.

Frankly, most of "the rich" make out very well under my plan. In your personal life, do you know anybody making a million dollars a year? I don't. But I would call that person RICH. and that person would pay at the 10% tax rate. Not bad! The everybody else...will get $12,000 tax-free each year, free health-care and education, etc. Businesses won't have to provide health-care or pensions to their workers. Yep, the rich will do quite well. and the wealth junkies can still make as much money as they want. They will keep 25%!

All businesses selling their products in the U.S. will have to certify that their products were manufactured in accordance with this country’s labor, wage, environmental, and safety laws ... that they meet or exceed these ... no matter where they were produced. This would curb people’s desire to come to this country for a better life. It would also remove the corporations’ motivation for draining jobs from this country. Businesses would pay non-citizen workers at least the minimum wage which would be tied to the cost of living. Businesses that hire non-citizen workers would pay a tax to cover the additional costs to our educational and health systems. This tax couldn't be taken out of the wages of the workers.

Guaranteed Minimum Income, an expanded view

The guaranteed minimum income is meant to be a safety net rather than a replacement of work. I think most want to work…in an expanded concept of work. But to get a true feeling of what it would be like if you had to live on your minimum income, you have to crank in that you wouldn’t pay for health care, education, mass transit, etc. It all adds up. The combined minimum income couple…or a single parent with a child…would be $2,000 a month. This should provide a realistic basic living. This allows the single parent the option of being home doing the important work of raising a child. But free childcare provided by the universal free education system would open a whole host of new possibilities to the single parent.

The minimum income would encourage people to form the cooperative communal family [of all kinds] groupings who pool their incomes together…using their minimum incomes as a base to create more nourishing homes, to start and maintain small businesses. These communal groupings will be much more financially stable, emotionally nourishing, and environmentally friendly than today’s common isolating model of living.

It is all about caring and choice. If a senior wants to stay in her own home, the $1,000 a month will make that possible as will the home attendants provided by the health care system. This is also true if she wants to live with her family or in communal housing. This will actually be much cheaper than the scary mess we have now. The warehouse nursing home will be a thing of the past. Seniors will be an important, active element of every part of our society. We need everyone actively involved. We simply cannot afford on any level to warehouse portions of our population. It is a waste of potential!

Some people have expressed concerns that the guaranteed minimum income would drain people’s productivity. They ask why people would work. What they are really asking is why people would work without the whip of fear of hunger and poverty. They never ask this about the rich or the corporations, only about the working class and the poor. In reality most people want to work, want to contribute, want to improve their lives. Hunger, poverty, and fear drain productivity. If we are to survive, we need to end hunger, poverty, and fear.

The guaranteed minimum income will tend to keep wages in general higher and working conditions safer and more worker-friendly. This was also true for welfare and was the true root of the capitalist opposition to welfare.

The guaranteed minimum income will be very different from welfare. Everyone will get it. So there will be no stigma attached to getting it. There will be no red tape, no entrapping rules, no case workers drained of their humanity, and the rest of the demeaning rituals of enforced head-bowing associated with getting public assistance. The guaranteed minimum income will be something you get as a citizen, something you can depend on.


Impressions Of America

well our campaign was just endorsed by ...

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS Church), one of the largest Mormon fundamentalist denominations[1][2] and one of United States' largest practitioners of plural marriages. they have 100,000 members.

in their voters guide at, they gave me their highest ratings for both my ethics and my commitment to civil rights.

they don't even know that i grew up in utah nor that one of my aunts grew up in a bigamist family.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

the report on the local college radio nightly news about our campain


Lundy Ray wrote:
is your campaign for real?

Frank Moore wrote:
it is, hence it is real.

Dorothy Jesse Beagle wrote:
Great response, reminded me also of Bill Clinton's FAMOUS line when he was busted, "it depends on what is IS! he is still proving himself to be the most engaging speaker of the 'establishment politicos running' --- I of long wordedness admire your sucinctity. - a polling place somewhere in the southeast I believe, had a quandary, where could they find a polling place for the nudists separate from 'the regular.'


PS - a polling place somewhere in the southeast I believe, had a quandary, such as where could they find a polling place for the nudists separate from 'the regular.'

Frank Moore wrote:
it is what it is!

I sent in my Ballot

Devi wrote:
And voted for the best person ... Thanks for the opportunity xoxo Devi

Frank Moore wrote:
this warms me, devi!

Devi wrote:
which warms me ... glad to add heat to one hot guy! xoxo

Frank Moore wrote:
you always have heated me up!

Campaign Stop: BCM 28 upcoming airtimes

THE FINALE OF THE CAMPAIGN! in addition, tonight (10.31.08) on the nightly news on KALX, the college radio station, they did an in-depth report on our campaign!

Katherine at B-TV wrote:

Thanks for submitting Special: Frank Moore for President “Imagine the Possibilities” Part 1. It’ll debut:
02:00 PM
Channel 28
05:30 PM
Channel 28
05:00 AM
Channel 28
06:00 AM
Channel 28

“Imagine the Possibilities” Part 2:
06:00 AM
Channel 28
07:00 AM
Channel 28

Better early than never!

Good luck on Tuesday!